Regenerative organic farming for our climate
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Regenerative Organic Farming Resources ~ How We Can Save The World

We can save the earth with our choices of food, and companies.

Here are The best Videos, resources and websites to get the Game-Changing benefits of regenerative farming and how it saves our planet’s future.

Every Human on the planet Should understand and Love out loud for our soils and Earth. Be a part of the Global movement, understand Why and how to save the soils and earth!

Patagonia <3 Part 1 ~ Why big agriculture is broken!

Our eating is the Key to support a living future!

Farming regeneratively means to farm organically in diverse symbiosis and Regenerate Landscapes, sequester carbon and working with life, without synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, ploughing and not leaving soil bare!

Regenerative farming ~ Videos, Facts, science, Resources, podcasts, Books… 

Get Grounded ~ The Bottom Line ~ Regenerative not Destructive!

Stopping Toxic runoff, saving the Reefs, capturing excess carbon, and solving The Global climate crisis!

  • ~~> Yes, We can Easily produce enough food and regenerate our world and the climate, with regenerative farming practices and regenerative living.
  • Establishing a Pro Planet mindset ~ Syntropy ~based living. Simply pro future thinking. Pro-Life Businesses and industries are leading the way towards a blossoming, abundant future.

The syntropic Nutshell: Syntropic, Permanent, Regenerative cultures ~ are adding to life, working with nature and striving synergistically towards symbiotic, diverse, complex abundance!

benjy, Green thumb

So wonderful ~ The Global soil saver Movement ~ regeneration Generation

sadhguru and the Global soil saver Movement ~ earth heroes Unite!

The Soil story ~ with Kiss the Ground

~ intro for an easy understanding of soil, the meaning of Regenerative farming and why it is a new and ancient innovation.

Not so Fun Fact:

You need to eat 8 Oranges to have the nutrients from the real Orange from 1920, because of chemicals and soil death… We are killing our soils, letting them kill from industrial chemical farming!

Regenerative Cultures ~ carbon cycle and agriculture

Soil is a symbiosis of organic Matter, Living organisms and a synergistically working intelligence ~ We have destroyed


Of agricultural soils…


  • Inspiring and eye-opening videos ~ about why we need to change industrial agriculture and how it is already happening
  • Resources collections ~ Regeneration international ~ Worlds best videos, books, podcasts…
  • Short intro text about Regenerative farming
  • Documentaries
  • Links ~ Podcasts, ted talks,
  • What is permaculture
  • Syntropic farming ~ extra Article with intros ~ large and small scale Food forests (agroforestry for vibrant, highly productive Gardens and farms)

Eco-Friendly Businesses and services:

Collection of amazing Eco friendly Businesses from Goin Green Solutions

BEST Regenerative Farming RESOURCES (More at the end)

Introductory Videos ~ about Regen farming and healing the world

Part 1 ~ My most inspiring and Eye-opening Videos

Why regenerative organic ~ Benefits, facts, Keys to a healthy future planet and humanity

THE BOTTOM LINE ~ There is Hope!

A Regenerative Secret ~ Mini doco ~ Kiss the ground

Kiss the ground mini doco

Part 2 ~ Soil is the solution
Part 3 ~

Facts ~ Movies ~ docos ~ videos

TEDx ~ How regenerative farming can help heal the planet and human health 

→ correlations between modern and environmental diseases… chemicals. and how we can turn it around.

→ Without our ecology ~ means a Healthy Earth ~ no Economy in the near future

  • Regenerative agriculture curbs climate Crisis

Documentaries ~ Movies that opened my eyes and motivated change!

3 million Views ~ Living Soil

A Planet Based Lifestyle ~ Rich Roll Podcast

Documentary ~ LIVING The Change ~ Inspiring stories for a sustainable future <3

Examples and inspiring Food forests

More Resources:

Australian ~ Ted talk 

~ Enabling Landscapes and nature to regenerate – Agroforestry, Permaculture, biodynamics

  • Regenerative Agriculture Podcast:
  • The Host, John Kempf, focuses on the professional growers market, tackling the challengers most growers face and the solutions available. This is an in-depth and robust podcast series with a huge back catalog covering a wide range of topics.

Podcast The Regenerative Journey:

[New] For those interested in the long and short term benefits of regenerative agriculture, as well as providing insight into how others left the mainstream and began their regenerative journeys.

Permaculture News ~ What is permaculture 

Websites on Syntropic Agroforestry

Agenda Götsch –

Syntropia –

Syntropic Farms –

Working Plant Database – Syntropic Plant Database by Victor Marlinport

Facebook Groups & Pages

Syntropic Agriculture Community


Syntropic Farms Australia

SARI – Syntropic Agroforestry Research Institue

Videos on Syntropic Agroforestry

Life in Syntropy with Ernst Götsch

Agenda Götsch CHANNEL –


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