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Regenerative Resources for Garden-Farming-Consumption and Lifestyle

Regeneration movies, soil solutions, kiss the ground and more.

Welcome to the most exciting time in Human history! How we are Buiding a sustainable and regenerative culture for the future – in the next couple years! My top 10 Life changing Online Resources for individual Transformation and our collective evolution. See the global movements, of people for unity, positivr change and regeneration.

Hey Fellow earthling,

Did you hear about regenerative organic Farming Or lifestyle? It is the most amazing, effective and essential solution for our future and all life on earth. It is phenomenal!!

Benjy –Green thumb 🙂

Positive change is everywhere! In this article, you will get an overview of the major Movements and solutions to regenerate this wonderful planet we are allowed to take care of!

  • Education platforms, communities, and more! Here are My favorite Regenerative Movements, websites and forms of regeneration.
  • Get the world’s amazing Tools and teachers…
  • Learn and Discover our most helpful resources for positive change
  • Movies and movements, to connect to people who care and devoting their lives for all life on earth!

What is Regenerative Agriculture:

Regenerative, Organic, Permanent – These practices focus on improving the resources we use, rather than destroying or depleting them. It rebuilds in harmony with All LIFE and enhances the health of the soil by restoring its carbon and Microbiology -content, which improves productivity and The Planets ecosystems Immensely!

The seeds of Vandana shiva – Documentary for positive regenerative change – HELP TO FUND IT NOW

Websites – Movies and Communities:

Resources – Books – Websites – Teachers…

Weeds as guardians of the soil – Book > “Earth users guide to permaculture – rosemary morrow”

  • Books and youtube resources to start regenerative gardening and lifestyle
  • Communities, Free education and online courses
  • polyculture planting, and integrated food forest design.
  • The global ecovillage for regenerative farming, community design, sustainable development etc.
  • Connect to People who love and care! (Naas community, Earth heroes TV, Myself, and many more…
  • discover the experts for Regenerative Farming, Gardening and Living.

Join the regeneration – Collab for Positive change?!

(Im also searching people who also want to spread the worlds most wonderful resources for positive change and regeneration, aswell as Projects, Lifestyle and Health! Personal development and spiritual metamorphosis… —> The Library for positive change <3

My Top 5 Movies and docos

Let’s dive into these Wonderfully eye-opening and heartwarming Tools for positive change!

Have you seen these game-changing, must see -movies That became Global movements?!

  1. Kiss the ground“,
  2. “The need to grow”
  3. “The biggest Little Farm”?!
  4. –> Regenertion
  5. 2040 The regeneration -NEtwork

Diversity in regenerative harmony on all levels

  • Eye opening Inspiration and motivation, aswell as educational resources on their websites:

–> If not, get your mind blown, your eyes opened and heart melted!

benjy green thumb.

It all corelates… Earth lovers Websites, Movements and Phenomenally good books!

I just know about the “Future of Farming” for 1-2 Years, and it’s so stunning, what remarkable methods and tools we have today, to bring back nature, while Growing an abundance of food variety, without any chemicals or harm to nature!

Do you agree with my view on regenerative Systems?

We no longer want to steal our future and the future of our planet! We are actually consuming 1.5 earths (90Billion tons of resources —> 50 Billion are sustainable!)

It is now easier than ever and necessary, to work with life, no more against!

  • Learning about the Implementation through guidance from the Phenomenal Resources from The Movies that became regenerative Movements.

Check the Helpful resources on their websites, to learn together and integrate the regenerative design on backyards, farms, homes. As well as to bring back life and abundant harmony on large-scale farming.

  • the biggest little farm and permaculture People… regenerative organic agroforestry.

What’s your 2040 Looking like? Do you want to be part of the Regeneration? Its easy!

Create your personalised action plan to bring to life your 2040.ACTIVATE YOUR PLAN

Short Video, about the Collective, Regenerative Impact we had through the Movie “2040 – The regeneration”

Free Ebook Library

Get most of the worlds amazing Ebooks for free or on donation at

> (legal if you dont print or multiply it.

Insights to the Books

– Plant mind map – regenerative food forest design and more

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