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About the Essential Resources collection – For the collective, sustainable evolution

Collection with links to Articles and resources with
– My most amazing Websites, podcasts, positive change networks – The most life changing and motivating videos and speeches
– Books, Documentaries, Movies etc. <3
Everything we need to evolve, grow and sustainable thrive into a new, paradigm of interbeing and real evolution.

Positive, sustainable change inspiration
From separation and destruction – to a sustainably, harmonic interbeing, regenerative thinking and loving being <3

See how amazing humans are and connect to the bright side of this awesome life, you can choose now to live.

Most important resources for sustainable changes and inspiration, global healing, regenerative economics, social health and reconnecting – to ourselves and our true nature.


Connect to and see the the wonderful things of the golden era

These resources, podcasts, Videos etc. create mostly a shift in thinking and acting. Awareness for the importance of protecting life on earth and creating a sustainable, healthy mindset for our individual wellbeing, success and meaning in this beautiful life!

  • How we are Reversing the Damage, Regenerating our ecosystems and creating sustainable, holistic relationships, economies and a new humanity <3

All that helped me to find the door, when i could not find a way out – to lift the fog – light the path… in times where i just saw negativity, powerful industries, lobbies and dum politics against life and people… <3 

By creating the new story of interbeing and interconnectedness with all living beings on earth and more the universe. What Quantumphysics and spiritual science proving us more and more. (What we just forgot and dislearned, by doctrin and domestication of our society and elites…)

Enjoy wonder, Namaste and let´s connect for a blossoming future and humanities evolution -> Your evolution <3

Content overview for y-our evolution <3

1. Essential Resources – Links – Websites – Networks – Solution libraries

Links to most amazing
–  Websites – Solution libraries, groups
– positive change networks and resources…

 Connect to wonderful groups, people and discover solutions for yourself and whats possible to heal the world!


1.1 – Websites – Networks -solutionairy inspiration

  • Positive change – Websites + Networks 
  • FB-Groups – Regeneration – Communities

connect and see to the wonderful things!

1.2 Solution Libraries – Projects – Innovation collections

  • – Solution Libraries
  • “Drawdown” – Solutions – Projects – mind blowing innovation Collections <3
  • National geographic – ourplanet – 

Connecting sustainably together for life on earth, as a harmonic, sustainable humanity – Evolution as one

Re-connecting to our true nature and love into a interbeing collective <3

2. Sustainable – Inspiration resources:

 Links to the most amazing resources for life changing and story changing aha moments!
All, that supported my own way, understanding, purpose and connecting to what i really love…
Positive, sustainable change – Collective Metamorphosis 

2.1 -Podcasts and Video-Talks – inspiration 

– Insanely Life changing,  and mind blowing Podcasts, 

– Motivational videos and inspiring ted-Talks

-> happy, healthy, positive and sustainable inspiration

-> Personal success, development, collective, sustainable EVOLUTION 

Unlearning the “war” thinking, the search of enemies – and fighting mentality… 


2.2 Movie, Doco, Video – inspiration + Tedx etc. 

  • Documentaries – Gaia – Spiritual portals etc.
  • Tedx, Youtube – Channels 
  • Youtube channels –
      • My playlists with all the things that inspired me and can help change your view and life completely how it did for me <3
2.3. – Books, Lectures, Teachings – Alchemy, – Personal Evolution – Mindfulness – 
  • Lectures – Teachings – quotes… 
  • 2.2 Solutionairy – Books – Movies – Videos
–> Alan watts, eckhart tolle, dr. joe dispenza, greg braden, charles eisenstein, 
–> deepak chopra, sadhguru and more <3
 2.4 – Alchemy – Hermetics
– Sacred geometry – Spiritual science and collective consciousness 
– Deeper understanding for all of you, who travelled already deeper inside and discovered a sense of oneness, incredible epiphanies or the beginning of awakening through…
– Mindfulness in little acts (eat, breathe, walk, Nature, so on)
– And are on the path of enlightment and spiritual awakening and alchemy of life and universal laws… 

From the journey of separation into sustainable miracles and a interconnected, sustainable evolution <3 

Discover here, why i have faith in a blossoming future and why im endless positive and optimisticly minded. Get aswell inspired with everything, that helped me grow, finding real meaning and purpose, aswell as a peaceful inside… 

Enjoy, namaste and i´m excited and glad, to connect together and inspire and evolve for our future planet and humanity – Humans are awesome – You are awesome!

We are the regeneration – generation – Let´s be together the change we want to see in this wonderful world <3


This article should be a encouraging gift as a uplifting, essential collection 

#for positive vibes, sustainable, wonderful inspiration and motivation for the change we and our mother earth needs.

I want to share with you and the world in this article all relevant resources for positive, sustainable and individual change. As you can see in the content overview, its from 

– The amazing Global Ecovillage Network and solution library

– “drawdown” Projects to reverse climate change and regenerate our ecosystems 

– Just simply the most important resources, Video inspiration and collections, to spread hope, motivate for action with love and positive changes.

 I know and think it´s incredibly important to know and spread everything that helpes us individualls and collectively, because only that is evolution!  I always try to grow together and share everything that´s helping each other and myself for a better humanity, our interbeing <3

Enjoy, wonder!

I want to start with a introduction of a wonderful human being, environmentalist and positive change maker – Charles eisenstein and his sacred economics…
 Charles is a phenomenal environmentalist, author and puts the most important question into such a eye opening perspective, that inspires and fully moves everyone listening or reading it!
I got his podcast “A new and ancient story” reckommendet from a wonderful yoga and syntropic garden -friend on a syntropic farm and yoga village, the krishna village in murwillumbah, Australia NSW, where i was volunteering. (And had the most wonderful time, learnings, epiphanies and deepend my yogic wisdom and relationship to my self and nature in such awesome, lovely and most life changing ways with super amazing and aswell loveliest people in this communtiy, where everyone finds inner peace,, love, guidance and wisdom for life!

More about Charles Podcast, book and philosophic, regenerative, holistic worldview

Incredibly wonderful view on our old systems, that are totally separated from nature, disconnected from each other and causing the disharmony, that brought us, where we are now. Numbers, politics of symptom thinking and war mentality 
What we need to do to create a new story of “interbeing” and just wonderful into words, what needs to be said, to get moved and inspired for positive change and a feeling for the damage we do to OUR NATURE – “gaias organs and tissues – with every damage we do
with every whale that gets stranded – with every river that gets pollutet…
always a piece of us dies – a arteria of our self gets blocked or a organ gets infected <3

  1. Resources – Links – Websites 

1. GEN- Global ecovillage network and solution library
Vision of a world of empowered citizens and communities – interconnected for all life on earth. Designing and implementing their own pathways to a sustainable future and building bridges of hope and international solidarity by connecting and realising solutions and innovations together!


2. Project Drawdown” – 100 Solutions – Most comprehensive Plan to reverse Climate change – Damage 

– Video – 100 solutions to reverse global warming Chad frischmann – TEDx 
–> MOST IMPORTANT is to stop destruction and regenerate the damage – THATS REVERSING 


 How would look the world in the year 2040 for his doughter, if we embrace the most amazing, regerative practises and bringing people and solutions together <3 

#WhatsYour2040 #JoinTheRegeneration



GEN- Global ecovillage network and solution library

– GEN’s Strategy to Change the World


The  Global Ecovillage Network envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing their own pathways to a sustainable future, and building bridges of hope and international solidarity.


To innovate, catalyze, educate and advocate in global partnership with ecovillages and all those dedicated to the shift to a regenerative world

“Project Drawdown”

-The first and most amazing plan´s to reverse climat change and create regenerative Eco-systems

One of the most important thought leaders, activists and entrepreneurs of our era will illuminate the groundbreaking Project Drawdown. It’s the first systematic attempt to do the math on the most effective climate solutions and technologies that already exist, and the impact they would have if they scaled in a rigorous manner over the next 30 years. This coalition of NGOs, academics, scholars, scientists, businesses and government agencies has come together to measure the impact of 100 substantive solutions to mitigating carbon emissions to determine if, when and how we can achieve a year-to-year drawdown in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere

2040: The regeneration

 Movie and movement <3
From Damon Gameau, the director of That Sugar Film, comes #2040film.

An aspirational journey to discover what the future could look like if we simply embraced the best that exists today.

This is the narrative the next generation needs to see, to aspire to, and to believe is possible.


How would look the world in the year 2040 for his doughter, if we embrace the most amazing, regerative practises and bringing people and solutions together <3 

2040-The regeneration - My facebook articles with videos and insights <3

One man, one bag of seedlings Regenerating a whole forest – the treeman! <3 

How do you want to have your year 2040!?

– Kelp farming – marine permaculture
– reforestation
– #ecosia search engine
– sustainable education for farmers and children

Video about the impacts, this wonderful regeneration movement had already💯

Full of all the things we can do, to reverse the damage our industries did
– reconnected to our nature and the interconnectedness between all life on earth?

A real ecosystem from a story of separation and destruction

To a new harmonic paradigm, a sustainable evolution

A healthy, happy, harmonic collective and a healing mother nature

💚The community from the movie 2040 – regeneration
Wonderful regenerative actions and succeeds 💚🌎🌈

#regeneration #whatsyour2040 #2040movie #2040theregeneration

Regeneration Projects - Reforestation - Restoration

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