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Wow “The greatest secret” – from ronda byrnes – to manifestation and happiness

The greatest discovery, that can take us out of suffering. The greatest secrets for inner peace, personal success, lasting happiness and peace.

Aloha wonder, this awesome, impactful podcast review, starting with a absolutely beautiful question: Have you ever asked yourself, “are you aware – am i aware”?

Or who are you really? Enjoy wonder…

Here the podcast that i needed to listen a few times:

School of greatness – ronda

Want to know the biggest secrets?
(more in my article) 

My keys from the podcasts with rhonda byrne.

I thought its just capitalistic and about money…
Totally wrong.

Its about full love, self awareness, allowing and what we truly are and meant to do and be here ☀️珞☀️

We are freedom and creation, creator…

The secrets – more in my article

Its allowing and welcoming negative emotions, feelings, thoughts – NOT RESISTING ANYTHING IN LIFE

and letting go of all thats not serving. With love.




5. SOUL – AWARENESS – CONSCIOUSNESS – SPIRIT – using the tools not being victim





so feel and live what you want to do and love to be.
#thesecret #greatestsecret

Rhonda says:

Always remember who you are – you are a infinite being, deathless, wonderful, creator of bliss, joy, and abundance

Rhonda byrnes – school of greatness

Dont believe the troublemaker – its the mind not you

The key is welcoming negative emotions and allowing – NOT RESISTING

Embracing negative feelinga and thoughts, but letting them go… The more we welcoming, the more easy it gets, happiness and bliss is our natural state.

After these amazing podcasts, i really feel ronda byrnes and the deep love and wisdom, i thought the secret is about money, but its about the biggest “secrets” to lifelong learning, self love, abundance and happiness.

What we focus on and talk about gets bigger and more… So what do you want to have inside your life?

Lewis and Rhonda came together to discuss life, the universe, the power of thought, the Law of Attraction, and so much more! This interview is so jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom, truth, and powerful guides to take control of your life that you might just have to listen to it twice!

Simplest way to greatness and happiness

  • Gratitude to start loving into the day
  • Rituals of gratitude to enhance bliss, positive creativity
  • Joy, love, happiness

For more go to:

Check out her website:  

Read her new book:

Mel Robbins: The “Secret” Mindset Habit to Building Confidence and Overcoming Scarcity:

Dr. Joe Dispenza on Healing the Body and Transforming the Mind:

Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds with David Goggins:

The biggest secrets and truths first

Starting and ending with Gratitude – awakening the positivr thoughts and emotions

  • Always have in mind what you want, NOT what you dont want
  • The world is not what we think it is
  • Awareness of the thoughts and reactions
  • Remembering who i really am – WE ARE CONSCIOUSNESS
  • I am not separate from anything
  • Surrendering and trust
  • With effortless faith and passion on the way
  • No worrying – shifting believes
  • Being the whitness – watching mind and negative thoughts –

Remember your greatness – everybody is filled with greatness

What i really love and find important. I

Im stopping identifying with mind and watching it and using it, because we are the consciousness behind the mind.

Rondas 3 most important lessons

  • Focus on what you want – not on what you dont want
  • Who we really are is deathless, beautiful, love, happines
  • There is no death – the greatest moment of life is death.

Letting go with love – Not being against, accepting and loving it

Amazing podcast series about how to overcome fear of lack, negativity and the fear of fear and not being enough.

From negativity to abundance through the greatest secret – her new book.

Becoming aware of thoughts and emotions

Watching and Using the mind to create, not being used

Using our mind as tool, and shifting. The perspective to OBSERVER, NOT MIND

How to transition into abundance

The biggest solutions to happiness, abundance and self fulfillment through EFFORTLESS PASSION, LOVE, AND OBSERVING.

There is no separation, we are one like drops of the ocean and in the ocean. Or we as a drop in a wave of wonderful love, change, life.

  • Writing down or saying out what we love
  • Gratitude is the biggest key – what am i thankful for
  • All people, Love, nature, body, music,
  • Little things make us let go the unnecessary suffering

17 seconds of gratitude


Letting go and trusting

  • Out of this situation amazing things will grow
  • Trusting and creating constructive thoughts.
  • Negativr thoughts are the mind and ego
  • I am the awareness and abundance
  • Luck and happiness is our nature

Suffering comes from the mind and condition not YOU

Realising that we are not the negative thoughts is key to abundance

Just watch and let go

  • Our thought are not us
  • Never believe the negative thoughts and emotions

 … Rhonda Byrne

How to feel good about money and abundance

  • Creating visions of checks and the wonderful things we are doing
  • The more money and financial power
  • The more positive things – POWER
  • Giving money away
  • Giving 10% of our money away

Making lists of the things we will do with our abundance

What you resist persists

If we resist negative feelings, they barry deeper and thats choosing suffering

Dissolving negativity

Letting go of suffering by accepting negative feelings and letting it go

Shes also wonderfully talkimg about how to let go of biggest fears, big fires etc.

Being ok with the worst case

Because its the universe and life, showing us new ways and learnings

Triggers and emotions – supressed anger

Subconscious mind is looking for trigger in the outside to create this opportunity of anger

Solution is allowing and accepting

Seeing the lesson in everything and the others suffering

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