Arc of real evolution

Charles Eisenstein and Science meeting positive change – morphic resonance “ripple effects” waves thats blowing my mind

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Charles – die Krönung – coronation

Charles Eisenstein “coronation” in German (Deutsch)

Coronation essay translated (übersetzt)

Youtube Video coronation Die Krönung

Why the morphic resonance eff. Plays a crucial and phenomenal role in global changes with animals, humans and all “awakening” that’s just incredible and will blow your mind.

Charles Eisenstein talk about change in the world – through the morphic resonance effects

We are on the pathway to a sustainable evolution, to Metamorphose humanity and life on this planet.

Look up (scientists: scalar, Sheldrake, harramein, Dr Joe dispenza, Gregg Braden)

Evidence for amazing, bevore called “spiritual-esoteric happenings” of evolution of species, to same times, without contact…

Collective consciousness and reunion of heart mind nd soul

Morphic r explained