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LISTEN TO THIS EVERY DAY Earl Nightingale – The Strangest Secret (FULL) – Patrick Tugwell” youTube video

Its soooosoooo beautiful to see, ho people transform.
Especially through these wonderfully eye opening messages and speeches of phenomenal human beings.

Set yourself a self defined goal,
And figuring out:

> who do i really want to become.
What is success for me??
And how can i be my own, real self – success.

Short summary____
Think about all the reasons, why you can be successfull.

In the person you would like to be

Heart felt goals

Who do you want to become

Success is…
> knowing what we really want in life
> experiences, goals, habits, environment
> what is success for me?

How to achieve success?
1. Writing down who i want to become.

> Picturing the possible outcome with emotions…

1.2. How is it feeling, looking, tasting

2. What do i need to change to become that/ come there

(what people do, what i want to do)
3. Giving love, kindness, compassion

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