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Shungite Powder for Plants + Books and Resources to Dive into Harmonic Matter

the conclusions of another study, they took, were “The tests conducted this year show a great tonicity in the plants, more vibrant colors, significant growth, and an accumulated resistance to blight and dryness”…

– Regina Martino reports this on a study being carried out in France by Jean-Michel Pasternak and Claude Bernard.

Full article on shungite masters

Aloha wonderful people, green thumbs and all who want to help humanity and our Planet harmonise and regenerate.

Namaste, lots Of Love, Benny Green Thumb regeneratling.

Here our part 4 of the shungite harmon series 🙂 How to use for plants and garden, plus some great Books and resources to study deep into the miracle of Shungite fullerenes.

True story and easy to understand – science about shungites

1. Shungite reality

book (found here) Shungite:

Protection, Healing and Detoxification…

For domestic use, it is recommended mixing in a watering can approximately 7g of Shungite powder for each litre of water. You will need to prepare the water 3 days in advance for best results. Water directly onto the plant. As Shungite is non toxic, it is perfectly safe to use it on fruit trees.

Application for Fruit trees and Shrubs

You can use these methods on young or mature trees

  1. Water with Shungite Water
  2. Spread powder at the base of the tree around the trunk
  3. Add small crushed Shungite stones to the soil at the trunk of the tree or in the earth when planting

Experiments in France and Russia confirm that after adding Shungite into the soil, the plants develop a more robust root system which aids in improved growth as well as protection and resistance against parasites.

Indoor plants

You can use crushed Shungite to fertilise as well as for water drainage in your potted plants. Ratio is best at about 20 g of Shungite per 1kg of soil (about 1:50). You can also water the indoor plants with Shungite water to see the lustre of the leaves and colour of the plant in general change to a much healthier looking plant. You will also note significant development in the stems, leaves and flowers.

We use Shungite in our flower vase to extend the life of cut flowers.

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