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DIY Shungite Powder Paint and other Shungite Powder Uses

Shungite and shungite powder is proven in many remarkable ways, to improve health, detoxification, water purification and…

To help our bees from collapsing beehives to not only survive, but Increasing by +1000x in population and health!

shungite-powder-uses + shungite paint-health-emf-protection

Its like creating a faraday cage for the hive + Detoxing them from toxins and negative energies.

Video links

Here are the shungite beehive videos

+ video – shungite Beehive featured on “modern Living”

+ shungite powder Paint and uses + how to

8 minutes – about shungite, science, bees, health, emf tests..

28 min. Miracle of shungite – hives, science, Interviews, tests

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