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How We Save Billions of Bees and protect Ourselves with a Shungite Stone?!

Aloha earth Fam!

This Miracle Mineral/stone, called shungite – > increased the population of beehives from 50k to 500Million in weeks plus many more following benefits.

Im benny the green thumb and love solutions for our earth and human evolution.

Im so excited and thankful to share another game changing and uplifting Solution with you my friends!

The shungite ~ a miracle found at karelia, Russia

incredible studies of shungites on bee hives and increase of bee population, honey production and health Remarkably!
Since a few years now incredible studies are done with it with phenomenal results.

Amazing Videos about – Shungites -Studies, the beekeeper miracle:

Here my youtube playlist with videos about the shungites, bee hives and science behind etc.

Where ~ My favorite shungite Stores

Karelian heritage ~ beautiful authentic people and stones.

1 Shungite powder - Bees, hive, garden, health, pain, back... Agriculture! 
2 Elite Shungite water nuggets - cleansing, healthy water...

See Shungite for Your Health ~ Article

The Why and whatz

– called Shungite is saving the Bees and is known as a miracle stone for Human and Planetary health and harmony.

-> health and honey production increased 8 times and more!

Discover How an Earth Mineral saved hundrets of millions of bees and protects us from radiation, toxins diseases etc. The Shungite stone, high and unique in its carbon structure – the “fullerenes” ( discovered by Buckminster Fuller – also known from the Geodome – thats the strongest structure on earth)

More miraculous benefits of shungite

Have you Ever heard about the Miracle shungite stone and its abilities to harmonise and detoxify Emf waves

Harmonise water, improve our gardens and helping our bees and insects!

See Amazing Videos and studies that proof the benefits of shungites

Amazing videos – playlist about bees, hives, shungites



You also want to know about one of the biggest Keys, on Saving our Bees and the Planet?! Here are some videos and info with remarkable studies of beekeepers, scientists and where to get this wonderful stone of harmony – called Shungite.

amazing benefits of shungite stones
wonderful benefits and a little story

More – Another miracle mineral that plays part in saving humanity.

Shungite, A black stone, or crystal with lot of carbon in a fullerene structure… See all about in the videos and the playlist. (go here to – i ordered and tested them already – more later)

I think you heard about the benefits of some minerals, quartz, charcoal for cleansing or harmonising water etc?

Well, here’s the next level Mineral-Stone, and so called “Fullerene” Shungite,or crystal.

Saving the planet and ourselves, with this remarkable, “newly” discovered mineral Stone, called shungite. The most Easy & Affordable Beehive Collapse Prevention.

5 Awesome benefits of the miracle Shungite Stone – fullerene Carbon

  • 1. Special Shungite stones are used in water purification.

Shungite water purification is simply adding Shungite stones especially cut for this purpose to water.

Carbon filters have been used in filtering water for at least the last 30 years. They’re filtering pollutants and chemicals out of the water, as well as giving it a pleasant, soft taste. It’s an absorbent for water with chlorine, and different harmful chemicals, as well as filters harmful metals from the water that can eventually hurt our body like aluminium, and corroded rust and other particles.

2. Shungite’s energy field is neutralizing the fields that produce negative effects on your body. RMF and EMF radiation effects include reducing and affecting your immune system and treating disorders.

3. Shungite creates calmness in your biometric fields, thereby producing good endorphin chemicals in your brain activity.

4. Helps in meditation because of its ability to keep the user calm and harmonise Electrosmog. It enhances brain activity for focus, and concentration on specific subjects, which is also great to have a Shungite High pyramid in a room where big discussions take place.

5. Used effectively, Shungite can help soft tissue heal and repair in a faster time.

Plant enhancement – EXPERIMENT – place your Shungite pieces in some potted plants and observe them. Watch how they grow greener, and stronger than other plants without Shungite.

Websites to Get Authentic Information and Order the original shungites from Russia here:

It has stronger healing qualities because of its high content of fullerenes. Elite shungite also called noble or silver or grade 1 shungite. From a scientific point of view, Elite Shungite is strictly a silver/black rich looking stone with a non-crystalline surface. It has a slightly metallic smooth surface embedded with a mineral totalling 90 to 99% weight of organic carbon. The scientific hardness of the stone is registered at 3.5. This, scientifically, would qualify it as the higher grade of Shungite.

Big challenges creating big wake ups and reUnion…

Discover how bee keepers save since a few years now whole colonies.

-> Increasing of the bee population from 50k to millions in weeks!

-> immunisation of the hive
-> no more collapses
-> no Diseases
-> happy, healthy, highly productive bees!

Protecting bees, animals, garden and humans from harmful Toxins and emfs.

Amazing benefits for the health of us all

I use them also for water cleansing and harmonisation, Emf-5g frequencies and in the garden productivity!

The bees love it, so they should know. Copying and working with nature was always the best way.

More videos and links to the best and most authentic shungite wholeseller sites at the end.

Picture of shungites and bees

Harmonising also EMF-5g waves – Electro magnetic Frequencies are bad for animals, birds, bees!

-> they confuse and interrupt their navigation and senses!

-> link to the shungite stores + wholeseller – best descriptions

Best and most effective way to save and immunisate a beehive and ourselves as a result:

-> Health and Survival to 100% +  (helping nature to thrive is helping humanity – > ourselves to survive

  • Painting the Hive with shungite powder – Shungite powder in a organic painting mix
  • Placing shungite nuggets raw in front and inside the hive

-> Protecting against diseases and increasing the productivity “8-foldish”

  • Immunisation and strengthening for the PESTICIDES-glyphosate, neonicotinoids etc.

Phenomenal proven benefits:

  • 8 times increase in bee health and production!
  • Studies show, bees are healthier, more oriented, REMARKABLY PRODUCTIVE
  • Super rich honey,
  • Pesticide and heavy metal free
  • – > Shungite is mainly known, to take and harmonise EmF waves – Electrosmog!

More About the Miracle Mineral – shungites:

  • Its one of The most incredible and wonderful minerals – Crystals!
  • Full of “Fullerenes” – > carbon in a specific structure and frequency
  • EMF harmoniser – Electro magnetic Frequencies are bad for animals, birds, bees!
  • Detoxing, taking heavy metals, toxins, negative ions

Best ways to get the authentic shungites:

  • Wholesale shungites – karelian heritage
  • –

-> i ordered and chatted with them, theyre amazing, lots of studies and all about health, harmonisation, detoxification.

My Conclusion and excitement:

Shungites are saving our bees, that saves our food and the planet.

They also harmonise the water structure

Helping plant growth and human health.

Detox your home, water, garden and animals!

For me another sign, of the miraculous ways, how mother nature and everything we need to save this paradise is already there.

Thank you mother nature, for all this miracles and wonderful ways, to show us, how to heal, evolve and reconnect.

Into a regenerative evolution!

Namaste, peace, love and good eneegy to all of you!


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