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Do this to Have magic happen like it did to thousands of others – stories proof – most important questions

Here the simplest and easiest exercise, that fets you clear on what you want and kickstarts emotions and magic into your life!

Steps for the ultimate goalsetting and life envisioning. Let the magic and manifestation for 2021 and a time of greatness begin.

Most mindblowing and inspiring video with vishen, founder of mindvalley – 3 MiQs ☀️

  • See what magic happened to peoples lifes after that easy exercise

Just flowing in my river of life,
Doing what i like
What feels good and alignes…
Ultimate living, surrendering and happiness…

How to Set Life goals, A clear vision and intentions?

1. Getting clear what i really want in life

2. What experiences, places, projects, relationships – do i want to have?

3. #growth
– how do i need/want to grow to become that person,
To experience happiness in ways i love
+ what is not serving that vision of my self?

4. How is it feeling – how amazing and exciting is life, now that i am doing what i love,
+ be where i wanna be
+ learning, growing evolving every moment

5. How can/do i want to contribute – family, neighbourhood, workplace, environment,

-> passion and happiness comes, when we do good things for others, the world and at the end for our selves, because of the gratification and love

Feel the emotions! Now, that i am who i wanna be…

6. Visualising with elevated emotions of LOVE
#IDEALSelf #perfectDay


Important key of manifestation and goalsetting

-> be happy on the way to your goals
Every moment,
– you know youre doing what you love, want and need to do, to REALISE YOUR BEST LIFE AND SELF.

#surrender and enjoy the way to the goals

->How is it feeling, TO be where i wanna be

#self evolution ☀️

Videos and resources on the most successfull Life Goal – setting and Vision

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