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Six utopian cities of the future and our Ecotopia Regeneration ~Hub Envisioning

Have you heart about Utopian cities ?
My idea is cocreating “ecotopia” examples, with regenerative solutions in all areas of life.

Coined by More from the Greek ou-topos, meaning no place, or nowhere, the word utopia has become adopted in the English language to mean a place where everything is ideal or perfect

From; https://theconversation.com/these-six-utopian-cities-of-the-future-will-help-you-re-imagine-life-on-earth

Our Ecotopia vision in Australia

We are creating ecotopia ~ regeneration hubs, clean green resorts and comm~ Unities for life, healing, restoration and unity for a peaceful evolution on earth.

~ a new, golden~ Green ~regenerative era

We know its possible to develop and do business in alignment with life!

We got all the tools to change the story of titanic.

Its time for greatness ~ unity and regeneration

Whats your gift for the world?
What are your passions.?

What experiences do you want to live bevore kicking the holy bucket to the next level?!


More about regenerative farming, Syntropy and our projects soon

Fully regeneratively sustainably developed communities

~~》really sustainable regenerative cities,
Regen industries that enhance life not desteoying it

~~》 regenerative living.

~~》 Non toxic food production nor industrial Farming

Much love, benjy green thumb.

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