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Solution Oriented in Challenging Times

Yeaaah, we need to be solution focussed in these times, family!

What are your biggest solutions, skills and tipps for these challenging times?

💚 Connecting together

💚 standing – for our rights

💚- health of planet and people

💚 Real, independend science and natural healing!

Thank you sam,
Im so grateful to be uphere, in ravenshoe.
So many amazing people, uniting in a web of support, healing and powerful co creation.

This is my mission and priority, wonderful humans.

“you can keep denying the truth, but you can never avoid the consequences.”

We gotta embrace the change and challenges,
Opening and connecting solutions.

It will be hard, but if we stay together, we are theregeneration generation.

My passions and solutions:

Food and solution networks

Easy diy gardens
Wild harvesting,

Building 🌍
Regenerative communities.
Off grid solutions
(solar +hydrogen
Natural building

We are one family
Conecting farmers, land, people, indigenous

cocreation and collaboration

Constructive Com-Unities for life and future

Being the light we want to see .
The beautiful person we want to meet
The change we can create

Because its never too late.

My mission is inspiring people with the new and ancient ways and solutions

Creating food forests.
Syntropic, regenerative gardens and farms
Innovative communities

Giving workshops and spreading the word


Thank you all.
Much luv!
A Green thumb

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