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Hemp and 3d Printed buildings from local clay materials – Eco and Affordable

See the worlds first 3d printed community, hempcrete housing thats Ecofriendly, affordable, quick, firesafe and beautiful. Aswell as less labor intensive. Printing with locally sourced clay and materials! Just brautiful.

Resource links and more amazing stuff.

Thats so awesome, i exactly talk about these 2 things As big solutions and innovatios in housing, especially when it gets cheaper soon. Imprint that in your imagination… 3d printing with local materials and hempcrete buildings, for everyone, regenerative into the future.

3d printed house from local clay and materials


hemp-houses-low-impact-fireproof-termite-proof-and-cost-effective-says-couple/ar-BB1dvGed?ocid=sf – worlds first 3d printed community and homeless housings.

Hemp housing – benefits, labour, cost

I would love doing 3d printed hempcrete houses

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