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Rejuvenating and healing breathwork techniques + meditations

Amazing soma breathing guys!

Found it over the soulvana app from

-> Amazing meditations, soundjourneys, healing…

-> Performance, happiness, success

-> podcasts, gatherings and events

Are you often stressed, low energy, overwhelmed or brain foggish and no ideas?

Or you want to heal and flush parts of your wonderful body with oxygen, harmonic healing energy…

Try this free and powerful soma breathing exercise link:(10min) Soma breath – rhytmic breathing + harmonic chant (auhm)

Heal, rejuvenate, flush your body with oxygen and good energy!

Little review and insight to the ever evolving new and ancient breathing techniques for healing, calming and happiness + focus and idea flow.

Found over mindvalley another great breathwork, Pretty similiar what i did and discovered

the breathwork + harmonic frequencies + rhythmic beat
– i use binaural frequencies or sounhealing isochronic tones

– – > brainwaver, youtube, soundheal…)

to synchronize/harmonise the breath and cells with the harmonic frequency – > with the chanting (auhm) you then feel the frequency on the air and vibration that goes out and in your body…

We are tuning in to the frequency like a tuning fork

What the. Yogis and eastern world always “knew”, gets today rediscovered by scientists, health care workers spiritual teachers and the health and yoga – movement.

Some people say its sad, but its a important step towards holistic and spiritual healing approaches.

Wim hof, soma breathing, box breathing so on…

All inspired by pranayama – yogic science of breathwork and energy flow in the body.

Leads to all its physical activities and benefits in our wonderful vehicle.

1. Soma breath – rhytmic breathing + harmonic chant (auhm)

– sharp and short deep breath into

– Belly – chest – brain

– 4-5 seconds out releasing and belly in

– yogic – ocean breath (misting a mirror)

  • Wim hof
  • Pranayama

Experience The Power Of SOMA Breath

In this FREE Foundations Of SOMA Breath course you will learn about the numerous mental and physical benefits of SOMA Breath techniques through several guided and easy to do exercises.

“In this course you will:”

  • Learn how to easily have more stamina and energy

  • Awaken your dormant super power within

  • Discover how to eliminate stress and activate HEALING

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