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Spirit science light the movie

This movie is going to connect everything we’ve talked about in the past

Light -The Movie

Chakras, dimensions, crystals, sacred geometry, astral travel, heaven, earth and even the secret behind our reality and light itself 

All with some actual real science behind it

Trust me, this is one to watch

Watch our new movie here:

Light -The Movie

I couldn’t be more excited, i’m so grateful to each and every one of you for sticking with me over these past 10 years

I can’t wait to share the secrets behind our holographic reality and our own LIGHT body, with you 

Love and – as always….Light

Jordan River

P.S if you’re still curious how to begin working directly with your own Lightbody, I really recommend checking out the Spirit Science Starter Pack

It’s got the three most important tools to jump start your awakening, including a meditation to help you remain in a state of balance so you can explore your own inner light

Download it Here

Hey Benno,

8 years ago we began our first look at the idea of light 

It’s crazy to think it’s been that long already! We’ve all come such a long way together since then

The first time around we tried to look at the nature of light from a spiritual perspective, as well as stuff like waves, god particles and our understanding of Source

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