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Spread The Health – Delicious SuperNatural Spreads and Super-Smoothies in Lightning Ridge

Aloha, Bearded Benny here,

I LOVE Spreading THE Organic GOODNESS, MIXED IN DELICIOUS SMOOTHIES AND SPREADS. Directly from the Regenerative Garden Into your Health! Healing Spreads-Superfood-Smoothies-Lightning-Ridge-Spread-Health

Fresh organically grown Veggies, Turned with superfoods into SuperNatural Spreads and Smoothies! Stay healthy, strong and happy!

Astonishing Healsome Spreads and smoothies – just 5-12$ For your superpower! ?

1. The “SuperNatural Spread” in a 375gr. Jar – 8-12$

Whats In the SuperMix:

Option 1 – The Hungry Spirits “SuperNatural Spread

  • Raw Organic Superfoods –> Zucchini, beetroot, Celery, Kale, lettuce,
  • Uplifting Superfoods –> Cacao – Cinnamon, Turmeric, Pepper,
  • Additional Protein and Goodness–> Nutmix, Peanut Butter (Organic)
  • + My Superfood Protein with Medicinal Mushrooms, Healing superfoods – Organic adaptogens for Health and Performance

Add More OPTIONs

  • Without Peanut Butter
  • + Honey + Cacao

I made a List of the Best superfoods and Medicinal Mushrooms etc.

Few Options how it can look 🙂

Excited to spread the goodness with you!

Grown with passion and love, with regenerative Practises #givingBack

Super tasty, Raw, Fresh and No Pesticides!!
–> Everything enjoyable with skin without harm!

Order your Raw Organics – as long as available

Mixed Box of all the amazing Goods 25-34$

–> Depends on how much BIG Zucchini and Beetroots

healthyFoodLightningRidge #organicFood

??Give your health a fresh and pesticide free boost.

  • AMAZING HUGE – Zucchinis
  • Delisciously tasty – Beetroots (purple and Gold)
  • silverbeet,
  • Celery
  • crunchy – CELERY
  • Kale
  • poc choi
  • parsley
  • asparagus just a few left

Or give me a ring 041 683 0609

Fresh food for healthy and happy people


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