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Transforming collection of life changing Videos, inspiration and wisdom – Positive daily inspiration – start your day right with a few minutes positive input

A transforming collection of life changing Videos. That stuff is really beyond inspiring! I can’t emphasis enough, that It really shapes the way I wake up, respond to obstacles and everything in life… That’s evolutionary thinking.

With the most uplifting, heart warming and eye opening speeches and wisdom for a happy, successful life.

People, who truly transform the way we think, act and create every day…

-> These transforming speeches remind me every day on the really important things in life and how to live happy, real, successful and full of love, gratitude and abundance.

Some of The Most important principles for a truly happy, successful life, I think.

“Happiness is the highest level of success. Do what feels good, the rest will follow.”

Article overview

1. At first the list with the YouTube links to the most amazing and transforming speeches.

2. The article with inspiring, Life changing Inspiration that will empower you, uplift your morning and warms up your heart.

3. Video – Link – with my most recent Facebook article – how to start your day the best way and become abundance, success, happiness…

(- inspired by my journey, books, these videos and other amazing people and speeches.)

– Wake up with a smile, love and gratitude.

Deweeding our lives from negativity – thoughts and people.

– There is never ending space for positive people and abundance. But toxic people infect and affect our life, mood and success.

-> We need to focus the life we want to live.” and start working towards, or researching and connecting, how we can come there. (following others who are where I wanna be

Here my favorite Videos/audios I listen to again and again, every morning. I even have one as my alarm in the morning. Because they keep the most important and uplifting things for life in presence. Every morning, to start my days empowered, positive and really happy! I don’t want to pollute my mind and soul with negative garbage, toxic people and low energy.

#dailyDevelopment #GROWING #EVOLVING readers are Leaders.

Creating and becoming, not just being a copy of society, the old (school) system and hamsterwheel programms…

? My favorite and Most uplifting and empowering Motivation speeches to start happy, grateful and successful into every day.

  1. “7 principles to live by – for a truly happy and successful life”
  2. Life inspiration – Morning Motivation – “how the most happy, successful and positive people create their life”
  3. Amazing – “4 minutes to start your day…”
  4. “5 lessons to live by – Wayne dyer.”
  5. “success, the only thing – what success really is”
  6. Abraham hicks/esther “morning Motivation affirm. – everything we do is Affirming what we want/get/become – become a creator.

From – “7 principles to live by – for a truly happy and successful life”

Never dimm your light – shine bright! Those who resonate with you shine with you.

-> NEVER SURROUND YOURSELF WITH TOXIC PEOPLE – Deweed your life from negative things.

– Compare and compete with no other – you are unique and you need to do what you really love.

We choose our reality, by the meaning we give moments and challenges. Remember, WHAT WE GIVE OUR ATTENTION TO is what expands in our mind and lives.

– Needing nothing and depending on nothing, attracts everything.

Real happiness is never found outside. Not in things, people or wealth…

What real success is for me in life

To be the real me and to be happy and live by what we love, that is the highest level of completion – real success. We are here to fullfill exactly that. That’s why I felt bad, unfulfilled, when I had a job I did not like, what gave me no meaning…

These wonderful, empowering people give us the most important things, to keep in mind every morning, to live a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life with real success.

Getting up, with a intention of being happy, thankful and positive.
It you want to be really happy – give thanks, to yourself and others.

Read or listen to something positive,
Feed your mind and spirit with uplifting things.

The most amazing “videos” or speeches, I listen to recently. Share it please, to help others get positively motivated and creating the genius, adventurer and paradise inside.

Questions and routines, that create the best version of our lifes.

Open your eyes to the magic

– how can I grow and evolve today. How can I make my life nice and lovely for others, myself and the planet?

Every morning, what’s really important today?!



GETTING better EVERYDAY – becoming more and more conscious–happy – positive – successful – love

You are a human becoming not a victim human being.

It is our choice every day to wake up and smile, breathe and start a happy and grateful, new day in paradise.

Or we start grumpy and angry, making the life of others and ourselves horrible.

We can choose every moment little drops of kindness and giving, in Form of a little smile, a thank you for being awesome/lovely, kind…

Thinking consciously about our reactions – pro-active, if we want to react that way, if it’s serving our life, others and the environment.


Tools to change our lives

Thoughts – feeling – actions
Affirmation= consciously choosing words to create the emotions – life we want

Real happiness is found in our own passions,

Watch it and see what I mean. It’s so wonderful and life changing, that I can’t emphasize enough.

The most amazing daily development and life improvement tools, I always share and talk about.

Storyshots, Blinkist. – book summaries from bestsellers…

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