Arc of real evolution

Success and real goals driven by emotion and resonance

Your life becomes easy and you will get supported from life! … 5 Techniques To Hit Your Top 3 Goals Faster – Vishen Lakhiani

Whatever rules we create for our selves and believe in it, becomes true for us.

1. Not law of attraction, But LAW OF RESONANCE – WE ATTRACT WHO WE ARE

+ we attract what we feel and intend to be

2. What do youthink about goals?

Goals are there to grow towards and strive, but 45% of the goals should

Great joy in the work we do

Blissipline – bliss and joy in what we do

Then we got immunity of overwhelm – because we love what we do

Overwhelm, anxiety and negative stress is a illusion – YOU DECIDE HOW THINGS AFFECT YOU

+ life becomes easy

+ win win relationships – learning together, growing and being ourselves

Meditation and asking universe/life and our higher self – > Unity with ourselves and the greater plan

Asking the right questions

Show me, who i need to become to reach my passionated goal – to serve the planet

  • Show me how to get united with my soul
  • Wo do i need to become
  • Decide to develop new identities

Rewiring brain – identity shifting

James clear – atomic habits

  • Becoming the athlete, the person not just loosing weight
  • Identity take on + imagining the outcome and person I’ll be

Eyesight improves, hair can grow back,

Income, speaking,


The question:

Lofty questions – identity statements:

Why am i surrounded by bliss and happiness no matter what

Silva method – imagining emotional

Intuition + intention – phrasing it in question

And believing – why am i happy and joyful

Why am i positive inspiration and successfull

Why is everyone loving my work

Why do people love to pay for my work a lot

People love supporting me

Why am i always surrounded by love and amazing people who i deeply connected to

Why am i so brilliant and genius and tapping into inspiration

Why am i getting brilliant ideas all the time

Why am

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