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Short List of Proven Superfoods for Healthier, Happier, super performing Humans!

Quick Links to my Favorite Superfoods and most Life enriching and healsome Medicinal Mushrooms, Herbs and Remedies.

https://secure.iherb. My Brain and Health enhancing Superfoods
Here my list with all the amazing superfoods for
Brain, Health, Mood elevation

its amazing – and Really uplifting <3 Enjoy! you deserve Health

The Secrets to get 180 Years old with Biohacker secrets and superfoods

Mammas Magic medicines – Healsome – Holisitic – Whole 🙂

I believe mushrooms and Organic Superfoods and Products have the power to shape a new future ~ one in which we live in full harmony with our beautiful Planet. Mushrooms hold the keys, Reconnecting, enhancing, Re-Engineering. Try it, enjoy and lets stay in contact, Namaste, lots of Love, Benny

Here a Short List with Best Brands/Products, and Most Popular Superfoods and Medicinal Mushrooms – For Brain enhancement, Cell regeneration, Disease Prevention (Altsheimers, cancer, dementia…)

Enjoy it, share it – And lets evolve together 🙂 – share yours in the comments.

Namaste, Health on! Your Benny

Video About the Products and Companies

–> My Favorite Superfoods and medicinal Mushrooms – Benefits…

Learn more About Superfoods and Medicinal Mushrooms In this article – Podcasts, Articles, Researchers, FungiPerfect -Community

My Favorite Superfoods and amazing Natural Medicines -Overview:

Your List to get superNatural 🙂

  1. iHerb – My Products Lists – Online shop with all the Amazing Superfoods and Medicinal Mushrooms that really uplift and elevate my Life Performance
  2. My top 3 Medicinal Mushroom -Products/Producers – Article

2.1 – Fungi Perfect – Host Defence

-MyCommunity extract of 17 Mushrooms – From Paul stamets Team and Community – They really care for you and the planets evolution!

-> Most Potent, best quality and Most life enriching Mixtures

2. Lions Mane Memory Boost – Fungi Perfect

Brain energy Powder – Lions mane

3. Lions mane, reishi, green tea, turmeric, bioperine

Fantastic fungi – movie with paul stamets.

More awesome SuperNaturals for Brain and Energy Mixtures:

Happy Herb Shop – Brainstorm, elevate, Energy, Gotu Kola, matcha, Ginko, Maca…

Best Brands and Online Shops:

  • Nr. 1 Superfoods shop in Australia: Forest superfoods – Health, Organic, Mushroom coffee and Elixiers, Amazing, Passionated,
  • Nr. 1 For Herbs, tinktures… Happy Herb Shop – The Best and most amazing Herbs and Teas, Superfoods from the inkas to the amazon! have a look 🙂
  • iHerb – Wholeseller, like I showed at the beginning – with Most of the Products and Brands you need to explode 🙂
  • LifeCykel – Organic, from Byron – Save the Bees Mushroom-Honey and more amazing Products –> JUST NOT THE LIONS MANE – its Not MYCELIUM

Why should you Take superfoods and especially Lions mane, Cordyceps, Reishi?

The Secrets to get 180 Years old with Biohacker secrets and superfoods

Learn more about Superfoods and Medicinal Mushrooms:

  1. Incredible Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms and superfoods
  • Superfoods Articles and Podcast

Sharing is caring – For Human transformation and a sustainable, harmonic collective Evolution! – Perform at your peak – elevate yourself with mother natures “Brain enhancers, Healing remedies and Medicines”

Healthily, benny

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