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Syntropic cacao system in cairns ~ food forest Oasis after just one year A

Aloha earth fam. Its time for syntropic greatness!

Here you see the syntropic cacao research system at the jcu in cairns, where we planted a syntropic cacao forest left and a monoculture system right, to see and study the amazing benefits and results of agroforestry and especially syntropic farming! I love it and know this is one of the major solutions to a lot of the challenges we are facing today and tomorrow. SYNTROPY ~ PRO LIFE ~ HOLISTIC SOLUTIONS !

Fotos ~ jay jackson DRONE captures

Syntropic system after just 1 year, applicable anywhere from desert to tropics and winter wonderlands! Small and massive scales!

Cacao syntropics at the jcu in cairns

Yayyyyyy my motherLovin syntropic regenerators this is syntropy in action 💚🤩🌎

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