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Syntropic Farming Intro ~ Regenerative Farming For The Future

Aloha fellow earthlings! Here you will get an amazing insight and picture about what syntropic food forests can look like and how amazingly productive, symbiotic and regenerative they are!

The Foundations of syntropic agroforestry

In this article, I give you the keys to what is known as the fastest-growing Regenerative Farming and gardening Practice by all means. a Regenerative Breakthrough.

My syntropic Farming Youtube playlist

Full lecture on syntropic agroforestry by ernst götsch ~ father of Syntropics

Were copying nature, speeding up natural processes and planting more together than you could ever imagine possible.

Lets get talking syntropy and syntropic, regenerative farming.

I am Benjamin Sauber, Benny the green thumb, i am Truly passionate about Regenerative Living, Food Production and enthusiastic about regenerative solutions.

Humans can be awesome you are awesome and I’m on a Mission of igniting positive change through this Pro-Life ~platform.

I am totally certain, that Syntropic Agroforestry as part of the urgently needed Regenerative Farming Movement, is one of our biggest Chances, to regenerate our Ecosystems and build abundant, Healthy Food forests at the same time. Through Regenerative farms, were building little microclimates and gardens on any scale.

Syntropic Agroforestry ~ Syntropy ~ Holism ~ Regenerative Food and Lifestyle

I will explain syntropy and entropy in THIS upcoming VLOG ~ “Green thumbs SYNTROPIC INTRO ~ Regenerative Farming Revolution
~ giving you a little intro to

Amazing Syntropic Example of a 3~4 Day Workshop ~ Com Unity implementation ~ arcoora Australia <3

Arcoora arts and education Hub <3
  • “Syntropy” and regenerative farming in a Nutshell.
  • You will then hopefully understand the amazing benefits of these Regenerative, symbiotic Principles and why this is the new Story of farming for the future
  • ~ with our Outdated industrial farming, we wont have any Future Planet.
  • ~Links ~ Free Resources For YOU (With plenty of extras and Handbooks, as well as
  • links to communities, pages and all you need to Create syntropy in your backyard, inner Garden ~Life and business!

My Journey to Regenerative Syntropy:

I was desperately searching for the best and most actionable solutions to help our crying planet and the critical rise in food-related degenerative diseases. I also was searching for meaningful living and discovering why i am here. How can i bring my gifts to service for the greater whole! And it is inspiring positive changes and being part of regenerative Solutions and Syntropic Projects.

I am certain with what I’ve seen and the Projects I’ve done, this Farming Movement is one of our biggest Chances, to regenerate our Ecosystems and build abundant, Healthy Food forests, farms and gardens on any scale.

Syntropic Agroforestry ~ Regenerative Farming Shining Bright


Award winning video/Short doco ~ Life in syntropy

Syntropic agroforestry short:

This regenerative agriculture method can regenerate ecosystems in a third of the time Nature would regenerate without these Syntropic management principles, while we can simultaneously be growing healthy, chemical-free food, restoring soil fertility, bringing back life and important species and on top, we can reverse the made climate crisis. A Truly incredible agroforestry breakthrough.

Syntropic farming takes over the permaculture and Regenerative Farming world by storm. It is a “new and ancient approach”, evolved Form of agroforestry. comparable with natural farming and permaculture food forests… Same same but a bit different. Syntropic ~ Evolutionary

The uniqueness of syntropic Farming:

  • emulating the growth and Characteristics of the rainforest… Minimising Inputs ~ look at the most bio-diverse systems of life on the planet. Just copy nature mate!
  • By understanding and respecting nature’s abundant systems and copying how the rainforest functions, speeding this up, we can save massive amounts of water on our crops or orchards, eliminate the use of chemicals and considerably reduce financial and labour cost

~ Key Principles of Syntropic Farming

5 Key principles RECAP:

  1. NO BARE SOIL ~ Keep the soil covered min 70% ~ cover crops ~ mulch …
  2. Maximize Photosynthesis ~ using all spaces ~ North to south rows
  3. Stratification ~ Light requirement of each plant
  4. Management ~ Synchronization ~ Pruning ~ Reset ~ Planting ~ Mulch ~ logs ~ Biomass
  5. Natural succession ~ Planning ~ Life cycles ~ always abundance growing

Incredible “New and Ancient” Breakthrough in Regenerative Farming ~ Syntropic Agroforestry

Learning how to work with nature, not against it. Understanding Syntropy and Regenerative Principles.

Re-developed and refined by Austrian Ernst Goetsch in brazil. where they regenerated 480 hectares of degraded Land with syntropic farming of rainforest. Ernst brought back rivers to life and restored degraded soil, whilst having the best cacao and abundant food Forests.

Syntropic Farming is Cutting edge Holistic Farming, by simply copying nature’s processes and speeding them up 3x to normal speed at the same time ~A Highly productive Regenerative Farming Practice.  

win win ~ Pro Planet ~ Pro Future ~ Pro evolution ~ Simply Syntropy

The Biggest Actionable Solution We Have To Turn the Titanic ~Ecosystems ~

How to start a Food forest from Scratch

These Ecosystems are complex, diverse and striving towards abundance. Including ~ Soil, Trees, Plants, Roots, Microbes, Fungi, Photosynthesis ~ Ecosystems that sequester carbon, water, and Produce oxygen and Microclimates and being part of our Macro Climate.

“Life naturally moves from simple to abundant. We just help accelerate the process by using syntropic Principles.”

Life in syntropy ~ The transformational story of 40k ha ~ “syntropic rainforest Restoration”

Watch this video and get inspired by real applications of syntropic systems and their benefits.

Life in Syntropy: Inspiring video produced by Agenda Gotsch for the COP21 – Paris.

Websites on Syntropic Agroforestry

Agenda Götsch –

Syntropia –

Syntropic Farms –

Working Plant Database – Syntropic Plant Database by Victor Marlinport

Facebook Groups & Pages

Syntropic Agriculture Community


Syntropic Farms Australia

SARI – Syntropic Agroforestry Research Institue

Videos on Syntropic Agroforestry

Life in Syntropy with Ernst Götsch

Agenda Götsch CHANNEL –

Mother earth needs us ~ all diseases and so called weeds are signs

Netflix Movie: ~ I Highly recommend watching The Movie: “Kiss the ground” ~ Mind blowing Studies, facts about chemical companies, eye-opening truth about our Sick food system and industrial farming… 

as thousands of amazing experts agree, aswell as NASA shows with satellites ~ stop Killing Start Planting and Supporting

Re-Planting and restoring The Earths Ecosystems is our biggest chance of Survival and A blossoming future!

Regenerative Farming – Agriculture 101

Syntropic Regenerative solutions – the most effective means of environmental regeneration and food production. Using Symbiotic relationships, copying natures ecosystems and speeding up Processes with successional management and intensive Pruning, Mulching and Planting.

~ About “Syntropy” ~ What life is “doing”, creating and striving for ~

My Intro VIDEO


SYNTROPY Simply in a Nutshell:

~ 🌱Syntropy is what life is doing ~ holistic, diverse, and strategic symbiosis 

🌍 on a Constant accumulation of biomass, life and circles of Evolutionary succession.

The word ‘Syntropy’ ~concept refers to “increasing symbiotic complexity” or synergistic Movement towards abundant accumulative bio-diversity within the Eco~System.As an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture, Syntropic Farming allows us to create dynamic, successional, and economically viable ecosystems that restore degraded soil biodiversity.

Extra Resources ~ amazing Inspiration

amazing 1.5~Acre Syntropic
Food forest


Living the change ~ inspiring stories for a sustainable FUture <3


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