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Syntropy and diversity in leadership for regenerative harmony

The big picture reason why black holes occur in organizations is entropy–or a lack of syntropy. Entropy is a tendency toward disorder or randomness in an open system.

>For an organization to reach its goals, the forces of syntropy must overwhelm the forces of entropy, before entropy overwhelms the organization.

I use the term syntropy to describe the tendency of open systems to move towards greater order and wholeness.

Natural Life editor Wendy Priesnitz talks to Guy Dauncey: Guy Dauncey is an author, speaker, organizer and consultant who specializes in developing a positive vision of a sustainable future and translating that vision into action, He lives in Victoria, British Columbia

>The opposite of entropy is syntropy, which Albrecht (2003) describes as the gain of energy that happens when there is intelligent integration of all the organization’s resources.

Organizational intelligence/organizational stupidity: the leader’s challenge. (On Leadership)

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