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“Course in Syntropy” Podcasts – Permaculture and Regenerative food Production

Explore Syntropy in all aspects of life and nature explained. Truly eye opening and heart warming!

Hey y’all. Watch this, to get a beautiful insight of the transformation with syntropic agroforestry in brasil and beyond.

Syntropy in life and human ecology and syntropic agroforestry deeply explained.
(i listened 20 minutes at a time, then let it sink in 📝🌿)

Amazing podcast. A course in syntropy!

“Improving health, vitality and abundance of all organisms of the whole ecosystem Gaia.”

listening to
” Course in Syntropy”

Human Ecology Through the Syntropic Agroforestry Lens
on Podbean, check it out!

Syntropia – syntropic agroforestry online course

Short sweet simple syntropy

Coworking > cocreating in alignment thats meeting us in our natural abilities and powers. Empowering unity

Listen to it, if you want to get a Deep understanding of what life is striving for!

Movement towards abundance and continued growth

eye opening feeling of #syntropy and regenerative food forests.

Improving and working with life.

The future of food production by using the strategies that life uses.

Syntropy explained and the immense benefits.

Towards cocreation of biodiversity and abundance my lovely friends



How to claim our power and true nature?

> *syntropy in life
> towards natural abundance and diversity.

Human ecology is wired for love!

How can we Reclaim our sovereignty, freedom and power?!
Resolving trauma and imprints of conditioning
From “deducation matrix”
De programming us.

Freedom is who you are!
Its about knowing and remembering who we are.

> illuminating the internal landscape through a syntropic lense
Diverse, creating,
Leader of our own lifes.
And co creating into a mutual direction

From monkey mind to creators mind

Willing to come into awareness.

De programming


Recap of syntropy, agroforestry.

Regenerative food forests

> here is a incredible podcast, that gives you a deep, mind blowing understanding of syntropy in

> economy
> education
> farm and food production

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