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Syntropy and natural Succession explained ~ Syntropic Abundance Farming

Hi earth fam. Benjy Green Thumb here with a Little syntropic intro and amazing links to resources about all you need about the wonders of natural succession or ~abundance farming we practice in
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About syntropy in syntropic agroforestry

~~》♡ constant accumulation of bioDiversity (life forms) and cooperation in symbiotic synergy, striving towards the evolutionary balance and abundance of the whole.

Life is #Syntropic

Syntropy simply is what life is doing 🙂 enhancing life itself in a ever expanding syntropic evolutionary spiral. changing and transmuting forms.

In nature and creation is
no competition (Darwinian)

Even if it seems hard sometimes for our conditioned mind…

Screenshots from life in syntropy Pdf

~~♡》 all resources in the links following

Plant Databases

Thanks to Resources from the amazing site:

Online Courses

Practice Manuals

Academic Papers




Internet Forums

Syntropic Farms (and farm blogs)


Infographics & Photos

Syntropic Planning at Gabalah Farm –

year_one_of_four –

what_is_syntropy_mediterranean_2 –

what_is_syntropy_mediterranean_1 –

twenty_year_movie –

Classification of Ecological Succession –

strata_vs_time_3 –

strata_vs_time_1 –

stata_vs_time_2 –

species-strata-lifecycle –

Pruning –

Planting Diagram (Gabalah Farm 2018) –

life-in-syntropy-strata –

Island of Abundance –

Island of Abundance (photo) –

four_year_movie –

accumulation_to_abundance –

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