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Astonishing Movie “The Biggest Little Farm” – from Rocks and Dust to Garden Eden

In only 7-8 years they totally transformed their 200 acre land, from dust to Resilience through diversity and harmony… The Biggest little farm is such a breathtaking must see, that made me feel deeply emotional and connected, aswell as extraordinarily excited and motivated to never give up, to heal our planet and inspire regeneratively!

One of the Most gorgeously heartwarming and Motivating movies – emphasizing the future of farming!

Aloha wonderful earthlings, this is my little review and resource collection, about one of the most phenomenal transformations of a 200-acre farm. It has been captured over 8 years, from a passionate couple, that shows us, that it’s possible and necessary, to work in harmony with nature and diversity, not trying to kill… Rather Learning to observe and allow. It is heartwarming and game-changing! So much of what i learned the last two years, captured gorgeous in this life-changing movie!

Everything has a purpose, the smallest microbes and bacterie, even weeds, snails, snakes and worms…

Natural, regenerative farming means: No fighting, but finding harmony and solutions in everything

plants, wildlife, livestock, humans and soil are one community

Uplifting, educational, and entertaining, The Biggest Little Farm is an environmental advocacy documentary with a satisfying side dish of hope for the future

I hope their epic journey inspires you to look for ways to reintegrate your own life with the forces of nature that surround us all.

But around year five something changed. I saw the return of critical wildlife as well as a variety of insect species that were now serving as predators helping to rebalance the pest infestations that we had been fighting. The real inspiration came when I started to notice how the things that we thought were problems, like certain plants classified as weeds, were actually cycling critical nutrients back into our soil and feeding our fruit trees.

James clear – The biggest little farm – interview.

Here are some of the BIGGEST LITTLE ways you can make an impact in your ecosystem:

Kiss the Ground – most mind blowing and eye opening Movie about industrial agriculture and regenerative agriculture as our biggest solution to safe our earth and life!

Biggest little farmLearn Regenerative Farming Resources

Rodale Institute

Movie 2040 – The regeneration – How we safe the earth!

What’s your 2040? Movie and movement for regeneration

–> Create your personalized action plan to bring to life your year 2040.

Resources – Education and books they have read

A little bit about the beautiful Couple and story behind…

Inspired by their pet dog, a Los Angeles couple raises the money to start an eight-year adventure of triumph and heartbreak in biodiverse farming, to showcase that it is possible and the most wonderful and important thing to do!

Twenty minutes north of Los Angeles, documentarian John Chester and his wife Molly—the farmers as well as the filmmakers of Biggest Little Farm—have worked for eight years to transform 200 acres of land into what looks like the Garden of Eden. They invited volunteers, and workers through their investor’s generosity. We all can do that!

As they navigated through endless challenges (from raising crops to delivering piglets and fighting off coyotes) and joyful surprises (like watching a friendship bloom between the farm’s rooster and pig), Chester captured it all on his cameras. At some point, about five years in, he realized this could be a film….

My Big why and Regenerative Mission

-Regeneration in large scale, healing and inspiring empowerment, online and offline for a Living planet and a Evolving Humanity.

Because we are here on the same mission, with the toohey -Farm Family. We work with huge “syntropic” food forests, that have 7-10 Species, still improving, Regenerating the earth and our health!

People say they are crazy and without chemicals or Fertiliser etc. it will never work…Like in the movies and all stories… here as well, But it is The only and best way. Not the easy, but abundant and diverse. Heart fulfilling and tremendously Rewarding, after all that hard challenges. (like weeds, so-called pests, animals eating 75% of the crops and fruits, killing livestock etc.)

This film is a Down to earth and realistic depiction of the trials and tribulations of relearning to work with the unwritten laws of nature.

Jeremy, Regenerative Farmer and activist, educator with passion

Another eye-opening example of Their stunning mission of Regenerative, holistic farming. It is showing everybody, how hard but infinitely rewarding it is, to bring back nature and help to regenerate the earth instead of taking. That is what regenerative-Organic means.

  • Resilience through diversity, ground covering
  • holistic management, Graising,
  • composting – worm farming – Microorganisms as a biggest little key
  • observation – Designing for optimal species integration


the Plant mind map

Screenshots — > Processes of designing


Regenerative agriculture improves the land and resources it uses, rather than destroying or depleting them. It’s a holistic method of farming that builds soil fertility and requires the enhancement of your farm’s biodiversity while producing more nutrient-rich food. Learn more about regenerative agriculture from one of the movement’s greatest pioneers, The Rodale Institute, or check out Kiss the Ground, a California-based nonprofit working to educate and advocate for regenerative agriculture.

Rodale Institute

Kiss the Ground

What’s your 2040? Movie and movement for regeneration

–> Create your personalized action plan to bring to life your year 2040.

Why just organic is not enough – regenerative organic is the future

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