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Evolutionary Investment Opportunities – The Best Ways to Win big with this Financial Revolution

Aloha and welcome to some amazing Blockchain, crypto and Defi news and the biggest opportunities of our times.

Imagine the beginning of internet, but that, while surfing on a tsunami of development on steroids and real world solutions! And we are the drops in the tsunami of change…

You may heard about bitcoin, blockchain…

And think its too late. But it is exponentially developing. Daily new innovations and applications, that blow away all we know.

– Cryptocurrencies and the world shaking DeFi

What is defi and why is it the Big thing – Bigger than bitcoin?

-Decentralised finance – world – running with blockchain technology and new advancements a totally upgrade, for the whole world.

Growing together out of this “crisis”

How? Here are my top picks, to be safe and guided, plus having the greatest expert opportunities, what was always just for millionaires.

My Nr1 pick is MarketPeak-(PeakDefi)

– it’s a amazing platform as a anker, and information and education community.

– community powered, digital investment platform, for the already existing digitalisation of all assets you can imagine.

– getting early access to the biggest investing opportunities of a lifetime.


The Best Ways to Win big with this Financial Revolution –

The financial revolution, where we no longer need institutionalised, manipulative corrupt banks, lobbies, fda, etc…

Do you want to be on the winner side of this challenging time, or watch how the whole financial world gets digitalised, decentral and available for everyone?

Its so exciting!! So much remarkable, life changing things going on!… I’m stunning everyday, how many amazing new Defi Projects and solutionary companies (digital ecosystems being revealed, which create real world developoments and usage.

Questions answered from the Youtube University 🙂


My No. 1 Peak – pick, to win with a amazing community

MarketPeak is a Community Rewarding Gateway for FinTech Projects & Tokenized Assets.

English version:

German version:

Here i especially reveal my conclusions of the last weeks news, i became part of marketpeak because of personal, good feeling and my research about Defi, cryptos and more. Make your own picture with the following and the other articles at the end.

If you wanna connect and join with an amazing community, where we all win together with this new, financial revolution, just see.

Quick video intro

More independend Info and Links at the end

Quick intro to this amazing movement and Company MarketPeak

PeakDeFi by MarketPeak Overview

MarketPeak is an investment platform for FinTech projects and products that offers rewards to the community.

In order to achieve this in the best possible way, projects are offered to investors during their early stages.

Digitalisation – Tokenisation – Existing products & services will be tokenized and offered at special conditions to the MarketPeak Community.

MarketPeak has recently released PeakDeFi mobile wallet app

– the native mobile wallet for decentralized finance.

– Creating & importing wallets, borrowing, lending, exchange and staking in one app.

Benefits and PeakDeFi features:

▪️DeFi Apps at your fingertips – Your one-stop solution for taking control of your decentralized finances. Native, in-wallet App for DeFi solutions for everyone.
▪️Create & import your Wallet – You can create or import your Ethereum Wallet in less than a minute and start the world of DeFi.

You can use the “Watch Mode” to check public addresses.

▪️Security is the highest priority – Only you can access your assets

– Peak DeFi stores your private keys safely in your local, isolated, and secure vault on your device to protect your account.

The project is working on the creation of a DeFi platform for token assets where anybody can use them worldwide and we have full control over our assets.

The major plan – digital asset community power

The MarketPeak team plans to bring the classical, traditional asset market to a modern, decentralized and autonomous platform.

For more updates from this amazing project, subscribe to MarketPeak’s social channels, to feel and research into it if you wanna knwmiss important news.

TG: @marketpeak_official

Some amazing resources:

Iconomy – create or follow crypto funds (invest in more different coins with one investment) – i made 35% in a few weeks and its just starting to soar.


Yt channels:


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EllioTrades crypto – my favorite

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