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The Finance Crash and crypto REvolution is happening resources to be safe and highly profitable in the Bitcoin-Crypto, Defi Blockchain World

Hey there, hope youre doing amazing, healthy and positively constructive!

If not, well, i got some remarkable, life changing things for you… I’m stunning everyday, how many amazing new companies and whole (digital ecosystems being revealed, that create real world developoments and usage.

Beyond the bubble trailer – Crypto, bitcoin, blockchain – its the evolution of finance!

Whats in:

It will be a quick resource collection with little descriptions and videolinks, for everyone who is interested in Bitcoin – cryptocurrencies, and the new, decentralised finance world.

  1. A invitation and Basic intro to the cryptoworld and decentralised finance, why i believe in the high value and beneficial usability for humanity and our old systems…
  2. Here i collect the most helpful resources, i use and researched the last years, for the best start into the Crypto world.
  • Buy-Sell-Trade – where and how to make huge profits in many ways
  • My favorite and the most recommendet crypto exchanges
  • amazing investment opportunities for the ones who know already a bit more and are interested in the million dollar companies and cryptos.

Let’s start with some amazing videos from the Rich dad – aka Robert kizosaki

Scroll down if you just need the links to

  • Best exchanges – Buy/sell crypto
  • Best investments – defi projects, exchanges, moonshot coins…
  • –> The technologies like Blockchain, Defi, IOT and the incredible, endless ecosystems out there for a better, free-er world – in most cases!

Some Inspiration and experts talking about the Economy, Bank and system crash, Bitcoin and more –> how to be recession and crisis – winner:

Important note:

I am not a Financial advisor, i just share what i researched and do for my self – Do your own research on the following Websites and channels, lets chat about and swap the most recent news and tips from professionals! Trade safe, dont invest all your money, only if you dont need it and can live without it 🙂

I for example trust in cryptos, Gold and other digital assets, but i dont need the money, because im working and volunteering, aswell as i am easy with the loss of all (what will never happen because of the value and usage, these Companies and ecosystems already have)

  1. The Why – Basics, Inspiring Videos, info channels and the most important things to knowWhy do you invest in it, or wanna be part of this…
  2. How to startEducation and quick Tutorials about Blockchain, Defi, Bitcoin and the more sustainable ecosystems
  3. Buy/Sell/Trade safeExchanges – How to invest safe
  4. store or (stake) your coins
  5. The most profitable investments (defi, Marketpeak, Copy trading, cryptofunds, staking…)
  6. The Million dollar Moonshot Coins – Mega Profit coins, Token – Companies – The most highly recommended Moonshot Gems – with Videos to the most and my favorites
  7. Resources – News, Infos, Crypto webistes and more

Meet the experts from the fields and get mind blowing insights, the most futuristic solutions and technologic innovations and so much more. I wanna keep it simple and short, so enjoy and tell me what are your favorites.

Theres no time for holidaying, keeping mind on the job and focus on DeFi sector/s is priceless and can shape our lives in longterm.

If youre interested in the new, phenomenal world of finance, technological development and game changing opportunities, that shape the world as we know it today totally… Check out the Videos and resources, take your time and leave a comment, what are your favorites, or even better, what i can improve, to spread the right and most beneficial info for everyones win 🙂

Massive opportunities with game changing Projects

People become millionaire, sometimes in matter of minutes, because they see and invest in the high potential of these Platforms, ecosystems, companies or exchanges… Open your self up, for the new, digitalised, encrypted and “Blockchain-isated” world, that’s already shaping banking, investing, Real estate and assets… 🙂

This is real and humanity plus, true value!

Most people think cryptos and bitcoin dont have “real Value” – But actually i think, the real value of things is in their use and value for the public, life and development of humanity and the world! I think nearly everyone knows now, that the old banks and big coorporations – Lobies… are the most criminal and destrucive systems, we ever had and that brought us to the endless wars, devastating industries and lobbyismus…

Lucky, that there are endless Solutions, not just Bitcoin…

Do you wanna be part of a new, decentraliced world, that’s created from wonderfully smart people, which want to develop our old systems sustainably into phenomenal skyrocketting levels.

Welcome to the world of endless opportunities and big changes.

  • If you are also bored of the corrupt FED, the manipulating Banks and the crashing ecosystem, that always took our tax and money, to speculate and make profits, by investing in war, destructive industries, cowl, mining etc. (super short and dumb explanation, but you get it i think)
  • And yess for sure it is risky, if you dont know where to get the right informations, tools and Projects…
  • I am researching since years, made a few mistakes, lost a lot, gained a lot…

Today i know where to look, whom to follow and why i invest in projects.

Yeah! I am totally in, its incredible, what’s going on out there… Most people don’t know anything about all these major changes, they just heard about Bitcoin, maybe that we can pay now with it… But the most important things are way beyond that.

It is about world changing developments, decentralised systems, without banks are in control. Power from people, controlled by the community with great technology… but more and a lot better in the following Videos explained…

1. Basic infos

– The best Websites, Youtube Videos, tutorials and more

Random Inspiration from rich dad, ted talks and others:

Why considering crypto, gold, silver and digitalised assets – Defi:

  • PeakDefi – Marketpeaks decentralized finance platform for digital assets, investing, etc. –> Article with more resources about this great project

German – Ceo Sergej Heck introduces:

2. Cryptostart – How to -Tutorials – Introduction to blockchain, bitcoin and co.

Youtube Channels and Videos:

Check them amazing guys out, they are all doing great jobs, by teaching and informing us with the most recent and profitable, but safe as possible news.

Important resources, Websites, Exchanges:

  1. Research the Projects, the market prices and analysis Research about the coins
  3. coingeko – charts, infos, apis..
  • Infoplatforms:
  • Deutsch –
  • cryptopotato
  • altcoindaily
  • cointelegraph

The best, biggest and safest Exchanges

How to buy/sell and store coins safely.

Number 1 education Platform and exchange in one

Coinbase – super easy, with education about each coin plus rewards in the specific coin for learning about – double triple win i think 🙂

–> Get rewarded to learn about the coins, companies and ecosystems- introduction to bitcoin, blockchain and co.

  • Bnb – binance – beginner training, tutorials and advanced Trading
  • Bitfinex – not anymore under the top, but i still got coins there (check it out and see if you like it)
  • to sign up for and we both get $50 USD
  • Cryptowallet, exchange and debitcard!
  • –> plus a cryptocard – like a visa, Pay with your cryptos directly

Wallets – Store your tokens/coins safe and easy to access, send, swap, trade…

  • Jaxx wallet – safe storage, 0ffline and online, lots of coins and swapping
  • – wallet, swap, buy, plus a cryptocard
  • Ledger, Trezor…
  • MEW – myetherwallet – Meta mask as browser extension – store your erc-20 token and more – Altcoins, ethereum based and more

High profit opportunities and projects

Pick your favorite from the most profitable opportunities, to truly gain thousands and sometimes millions with a few hundrets or thousand bucks! But be aware, check, research and talk to people, bevore you invest in anything

–> staking, proof of work, defi, yielding, arbitrage and more:

Video> What is Defi – Decentralised finance – platforms and ecosystems

  • Marketpeak – My insider pick – Defi marketplace for digitalised assets, they already have a app, 3 Products and trading and investing education.
  • Mp – Peak is also listed on a few exchanges and went up in price …

Marketpeak Articles –

  • –> Articles:


Copy ELITE TRADERS on PrimeXBT! And see their past profits etc.

– amazing team,

? Join PrimeXBT Platform ►► Get a 50% BONUS with Code: EllioTrades

Covesting Beta –> = easy phenomenal way, to multiply our investments/Bitcoin

Ellio trades about Prime XBT – Copy or follow trading – follow the best traders and gain what they gain without knowing about trading at all

  • Cake.defi – german julian hosp – a staking platform and defi marketplace…
  • –> Videos, articles:

Most incredible Defi investments – for moonshot profits

Parsiq (PRQ) Project – video from the highly informative and nice dude, ellioTrades – Video: ABSOLUTE BEST LOW CAP DEFI GEM REVEALED!

–> That PRQ is a amazing oracle coin – creating a universal project, to expand the whole system!

– Grab some PRQ:…

Iconomy – Creating a own crypto fund with your favorites, or follow my fund, or even other experts

– Arbitrage Trading – using the market differences

Defi super – sicherere alternative und reguliert

The new decentralised finance world, built to bring humanity together and forward, by making development available everywhere and for everyone.

Everywhere you see and hear about Bitcoin, amazingly -game changing startups and whole Ecosystems, that are changing the world we “know”…

Into decentralised finance worlds with phenomenal new opportunities and development that change the world and ways, we use money, assets and financial products.

The most recommend Moonshoot Coins –

Oracle Gems and Million dollar coin tips:

  • Parsiq (PRQ)
  • Kava,
  • Band Protocol,
  • bnb – binance coin
  • bat, stellar, eth, btc,
    + mybe – kava, enjin, hedera,
  • BNB – binance coin (binance will do ieos … huge platform etc.
  • kava – lending rates amazing on the binance ecosystem – amazing – easy to use and soon listed on coinbase then rise up !!
  • Thorchain – swapping assets – amazing exciting project, staking, big growth trhough staking will be phenomenal –> linked to KAVA AND BNB
  • BAND
  • ocean protocol – tremendously
  • orchid – crypto powered VPN =- anonymous, – (von 0.3 -> 0.6$ )
  • Unicrypt – (UNC) – amaying excitement – will explode
  • Uniswap
  • nimiq – blockchain payments on every website – proof of work –> will go towards proof of stake
video about the million dollar cryptos

KAVA & Nimiq for sure. Other powerhouses & low caps with a massive explosion of wealth are Aergo, Apropolis, Unibright, Kardiachain, Orion Protocol & Dock. All are low caps, but geeze they are amazing

Crypto news – articles

Google Searches For Buy Crypto At Highest Point Since January 2018

Alle druckenIn neuem Fenster öffnenDownload These Free Crypto Apps And Track Your Portfolio ?

Last month, high-profile investors and Wall Street execs called bitcoin a “fraud” and “bubble”. But the market has spoken. At over $7,000 bitcoin is gaining the confidence of global investors with record price increases in November. However, the cryptocurrency market remains highly volatile, especially penny cryptos that are exposed to “pump and dump” schemes by speculators. 

It’s important to track your crypto portfolio to see exactly where you’re gaining and losing, and to capitalize on emerging opportunities. These free apps help you monitor your bitcoin and crypto investments. ChartsWith Chartsyou can measure things like bitcoin’s real-time price, market cap, daily transactions and money supply. There are also sophisticated graphs that track price volatility, chain value density and BTC’s usage rate (such as transaction values and transaction amounts). 

The Activity section can be important to assessing bitcoin’s future performance. Daily transactions is an indicator of how much BTC is gaining wider adoption. For example, if you see an increase in daily trading volume it can be a signal that more people are buying and using bitcoin. A larger user base may indicate growing demand for the digital coins.

Other sections include Blocks, Mining, Economics and Advanced. In these, you can get more data on the blockchain, mining profitability, bitcoin economics (such as inflation rate) and other technical details. Charts is the most advanced tool for analyzing BTC. And it’s a free tool available on
 CoinMarketCapYou’re likely familiar with which is used as data resource by mainstream media and most investors. If you own a blog or website, you can embed a price ticker of any cryptocurrency.

Also, CoinMarketCap has a free app for your mobile device for iOS and Android. The app has different features from the website. The mobile version lists all cryptocurrencies, market cap, current price and 24-hour percentage change. It lets you register and create a portfolio of investments. The app then tracks your profits (or losses) based on real-time performance of your coins.

Download for: iOS | Android
 BlockfolioIn online forums, users give praise to the Blockfolio app for being simple, elegant and comprehensive. It’s perhaps the best mobile app for monitoring your crypto portfolio. You can list your coin investments and the app will provide snapshots of real-time performance across multiple exchanges. 

The crypto portfolio tracker deserves its high ratings and is available on iTunes Store as well as Google Play. However, iPhone/iPad users who are located outside the U.S. may (or may not) have trouble downloading Blockfolio.

Download for: iOS | Android
 Bitcoin TickerBitcoin Ticker is an impressive bitcoin-tracking tool for online Windows and Mac users and mobile (iOS and Android). You can also install it as a browser extension on Firefox.

The app displays the real-time prices of bitcoin on popular exchanges such as Bitstamp, Coinbase, Bitfinex and Kraken. (This is key because exchanges often have different prices.) Bitcoin Ticker also shows bid and ask price as well as volume so that the investor can assess the current market for BTC. The chart provides quick visual of recent trends including hourly, daily and monthly performance.

Download for: iOS | Android | Mac | Firefox
 Bitcoin Exchange RatesIf you’d like to follow real-time price on your browser, you can do so with Bitcoin Exchange Rates. It’s available on Google’s Chrome Web Store and can be installed as an extension on your Chrome browser. You’ll see Bitcoin quotes against USD, EUR, GBP and other currencies. And an interactive BTC chart provides historical performance.

Download for: Chrome
 Bitcoin Browser ExtensionFirefox and Chrome users can install Bitcoin Browser Extension which provides current exchange rates. The add-on also includes an online bitcoin calculator and supports nearly two dozen fiat currencies for local conversions. The Bitcoin Browser Extension shows a visual graph of the weighted exchange rate of bitcoin for the last few months.

Download for: Firefox | Chrome

Don’t forget to use Charts to track your BTC holdings. With bitcoin continuing to push record valuations, it’s more important than ever to stay updated.

Use ChartsRespectfully,
The Team

P.S. Visit for accurate and real-time 

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