Arc of real evolution

The Global Positive Change and Regeneration Library

The Library for positive change! With collections, resoueces and all that helpes, inspires, empowers and unites us for ourselves, our families and this wonderful planet. Into a new, healing story.

my collection – the Arc – life affirming

  1. My favorite Tools and instruments for positive individual change 
  2. The Whole Library – Archive of life enriching, game changing stuff <3 

Everything that changed my life

Helped me and millions others to evolve and finding our own ways and passions, to become our own solution and the person we want to see in the world.

  • Tremendously inspiring and motivating stuff!
  • (Videos, Docos, Youtube channels, networks, etc.)

Game changing innovations, large scale regeneration… So much more

My collection for our personal evolution

  • of life enriching Tools, Apps, Channels, Websites…
  • Playlists to be inspired – We are the Solution
  • Every day and moment is our and the wholes Evolution

Favorite lists

  • for my daily health, happiness and motivation
  • Endless signs and instruments of HOPE

My Passion and life Purpose

The library of solutions and arc of positive change 

Always showed the world and my friends amazing innovations and positive changes!

Movements and wonderful solutions –> We are not fucked!

What´s helping you is helping me! 

Ubuntu – my wellbeing is your (african wisdom)

We know whats wrong and we got the tools, Let´s use this amazing things, to turn the titanic!

What we need!

Inspiration and real human connection!

I did recently some “positive change” – workshops at a yoga retreat – with amazing response!

It´s my passion, to inspire people with incredible solutions and life changing instruments! There is so much wonderful stuff going on, everyone needs to know, because big things are happening – the collective, sustainable shift – the tipping point is there!

Sharing – caring – uniting – thriving

To grow together – collectively ♥

Get motivated and see how you can live the most amazing adventure with purpose real meaning!

We are using now our knowledge, internet and connections!

–> For a blossoming and regenerating Home!

Ecology marries economy – sustainable, green solutions for a global harmonic thrive!


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