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The Magic of Medicinal Mushrooms for Healthier, Happier Lives

The mushshrooms were talking have amazing nutritional profiles, elevating cognitive function, longevity, energy… and of course, they are 100% natural.” I found out about them from many people and health practitioners in Australia. On retreats, health Podcasts and so on. I will talk you through the Benefits, where to get them and mixtures i love using and I will also share podcasts and resources with you that inspired me. enjoy, mush love, Benjy the green thumb

Are you curious about these mushrooms now? Adaptogens? Holistic health? Get ready to learn so mush with these free resources, a little introduction and all you need to consider if you want to evolve to the next level of health, elevated energy and human beingness. Once you started, you can’t stop finding and using these “Supplements for a even more magick life“! Simple but yet life-changing for millions of people!

Who doesnt want to lower stress while performing high with little additives? Medicinal Mushrooms like Lions mane, cordyceps, shitakee, chaga or oyster Mushrooms are protecting and rejuvenating Your cells, mitochondria, immune system and do so much more greatness!

  • improving sleep patterns, releasing inflammation,
  • enhancing nerve growth pattern
  • longlasting energy levels…

These all benefit from specific mushrooms. These fungi are full of Bioactive compounds and nutrients that your body will love – mine certainly does! There’s a whole lot of science behind this now… I’m adding them to coffee (Bulletproof occasionally) my cacao, teas or dropping The Tinctures right in my mouth with the dropper from lifecykel, to get the pure natural medicine into my bloodstream.

Extra Article – My favourite Medicinal Mushroom Products and Adaptogen for health and high performance

About – My magick Intro to medicinal Shrooms:

Chinese medicine has long used adaptogens, which is a fancy name for superfoods and things like herbs and mushrooms. Saying that, we see the idea of adding mushrooms to your diet as a wellness incentive isn’t exactly new – only new discovered ancient chinese medicine.

“Interestingly enough, mushroom coffee tastes pretty similar to regular coffee,” says registered dietitian Jody singer. “It is, after all, coffee with beneficial mushroom extracts blended in.”

So is this type of coffee the magic drink – the Holy Grail we’ve been waiting for? 

What exactly is mushroom coffee?

It is simply and hopefully organic Coffe ground or instant plus The most popular mushrooms like:

  • Reishi.
  • Chaga.
  • Lions mane – My absolute favorite for its benefits and coral like appearance – so beautiful!!
  • Cordyceps.

Thankfully, you can’t just toss a couple of mushrooms into your coffee and call it a day (that’d be more a soup then a Drink).

The Process

The mushrooms used in mushroom coffee go through a drying and extraction process in order to pull the beneficial compounds out, which then get blended into regular coffee. (Cleveland clinic about coffee)

  • Most mushroom coffees are blends of mushroom extracts and instant coffee.

Medicinal, Ancient Powerhouses that can save our lives!

  • Jump to Lifecykels Page to taste your new elevating medicine or brain enhancer and add a little love and healing to your day!
  • 4 sigmatic – Best mushroom coffees, adaptogen mixes, Protein with functional shrooms, creamers with mct and more!

About Me

Hi, I’m Benny Sauber enthusiastic about sharing everything that helps me and the planet, as well as humanity for its healsome evolution.

Some of my passions are Regeneration, evolution and the blossom from the natural world. I believe fungi are some of the most important teachers on our planet, silently but yet so powerfully guiding us towards a world of more connection with each other, our home, the earth, and the answers we need, to solve many of Earth’s problems.

And hey, its Not just a hippie thing, the mainstream science is proving it aswell! 🙂

Functional – Medicinal Mushrooms – Game Changers for Us and The World we live in

Not the magic that may come up first in most of you, rather the new and ancient medicine Mushrooms, that are healing and benefiting a huge variety of areas. Medicinal mushrooms are always in my medicine and superfood repertoire, especially the wholesome Lions mane tinctures from the company lifecykel here in byron, Australia.

Mushrooms and mushroom-based foods are going to play a huge role in the future of food. Very Good for the Planet, soils and… ta-da – our Human systems. “

These ancient wonders grow quickly and require a tiny amount of resources in terms of water, power, and land. They have an amazing nutritional profile, elevating cognitive function, longevity, energy and of course, they are 100% natural.”

Becoming Bulletproof in your sleep with LifeCykel – Dave asprey is the proof!

Dave Asprey even did self studies on the lions mane from life cykel and is luvin’ it! – They improve his Sleep -REM- phase dramatically. aswell as they improve cognitive function, memory, preventing dementia and regrowing nerve cells. Listen yourself to the Bulletproof radio 🙂

Bulletproof PODCAST –

LifeCykel – My top Favorite Medicine mush -supplier in Australia!

Julian Mitchell—co-founder and CEO and his team are doing game-changing work with mushrooms as new and ancient, innovative food sources and medicinals in Australia.

Ancient, Wholesome ingriedients – Kakadu Plum, the Highest Vitamin C content found yet!

the naturally sweet ingredients, like Davidson plum and Kakadu plum… Get infused into the Life Cykel tinctures and powders. This Native Australian fruit is rich in antioxidants and antiviral properties that amplifies the benefits of the mushrooms. Super high in Vitamin C and other properties.

The Perfect, Wholesome Blends

Glorius Magick of Mushrooms!

  • “The more we look to the natural world for solutions, the better off we’re going to be and so, mushrooms and the fungi kingdom are hugely important to our evolution.”
  • “Mushrooms are almost an uncharted continent, with infinite applications not just in food but in biotechnology.”

Resources to learn more – Dive into the Myceli-Verse

Life Cykels Mushroom academy – Short Videos with all about Mushrooms and beyond

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