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The 3 Most Important Questions ~ endgoals and Fulfillment

Forget about society and school goals, these 3 transformative Questions are for your best self, you can ask them in dates, company interviews and friends for a trula fulfilling life. What do you really want to experience in life bevore you kick the bucket, to truly live the life meant for you?? How do you want to grow, evolve, live life to the fullest? And how do you want to contribute to the best planet?!

Aloha earth fam, benjy here, Get these awesome and lifechanging questions and the guided version with great inspiration from the mindvalley podcast on how to do the Short exercise that is redirecting thousands of lifes! Some great resources and words of mine with my little intro to The most important questions in life.

Enjoy wonder! You deserve it!

  • Its about The main areas:
  • 1 Experiences
  • 2 Growth/self evolution, actualisation
  • 3 Contribution

The 3 Magick Questions for you:

The guided short version with mindvalley founder Vishen
  • What do i wanna experience out of life before i kick the bucket?
  • How do i want/need to grow (to experience what i want)
  • What do i want to contribute to the planet?
  • Help:
  • What is it that i love to do, for no money?!
  • How can i contribute to life and the wonderful planet?
  • What can i do for humanity and the people around me?
  • Who do i really want to become,
  • Be with,
  • [14/11, 10:02 am] Benny Syntropy Pro Life 🌏: 1 what drives, excites you

And the most transformative books, I read and listened to at the end <3

Video – youtube

Most important “Thinks” – because – things to think about ☀️

  • Am I a positive part of life on earth?
  • What is it that i love to do, for no money?!
  • How can i contribute to life and the wonderful planet?
  • What can i do for humanity and the people around me?

Surf the wave of positive change and choice of now with us!

Bearded inspirit

1. Let go of all, thats not fulfilling or beneficial.

Once i started doing the things i love, my life elevated and changed exponentially to the best version and meaning every day!

– Real happiness and unconditional love and passion for every day Because i found what success means for me in life!

Why? How? Where? What you ask maybe… No time for your life?!

The puzzle pieces for your life museum come into our life, once we start asking and leaving, whats not us.

My core purpose – positive change +regeneration projects

My Why:
Being the change i want to see

– sharing hope, inspiring and uplifting things – Positive, empowering news, projects Love.
– Innovations and videos for our individual evolution. And our collective healing, reunion and connection to mother earth. Self realisation and purpose in the way of life not the goal or the fruits…

1. To bring humanity forward and together

-> 1.1 = To heal the planet

We all have The big why in our lives
Finding fulfillment and meaning in every day.

What can i do now? – little tips for you:

Real Success is going your own way – following our heart!

You serve yourself first and see whats happening on the way i guess…

-> Open up yourself and take a little time for your life and Goals! I think thats some first direction. We dont need to know how.

Just feel the what and why, go towards figuring out what makes you happy The rest falls into place

Greatest resources for your self transformation:

❤️ Our Great Transformation Begins Now! ~

+ Spirit Science Episode 1 ~

That Can Truly Accelerate Your Chances For Real Success, fulfilment, happiness and joy in every day!

People, opportunities, places and real fulfillment came into my life!

“Just” because I started going and researching towards my dreams, passions… The real purpose in my existence here on Earth!

More Amazing life enriching stuff:

Mindvalley resources for your transformation, success and purpose

Resources, books, links

? Hidden Spirituality ~

The Most Life changing Books: (Links soon)

  • 1. the why cafe + big 5 for life (john strelecky)
  • The buddha and the badass
  • Mastery of love
  • The Four agreements – Don Miguel ruiz
  • The alchemist – Paolo cohelo
  • The Celestine prophecy
  • Eckhart tolle – now, a new earth, freedoom…
  • Neale donald walsch!!! – Conversations with god 1-4
  • Websites:
  • –

We are here to live big, not to dream from inside a hamster-wheel

Purpose, passion, Goal setting… The big5 – big why, bucketlist…

We all hear these things, but i got stoked when i really started doing it.

  1. Writing down my core purpose of existence
  • With objective key results and next steps towards my goals

My life changed from hamster to eagle – i can see now and connect to giants and more eagles, blue whales and wonderful people on the same wave!

Do you want to be a Sheep or an Eagle?

Go with the time towards freedom, passion and love,

or your freedom and happiness goes with the time! <3

Bearded Inspirit

In all cases – We got the Key to our own, self made cage.

The story of Oneness, harmony and sustainable Collective evolution!

We just cover it with conditions, structures of society and believes in a deep, dark corner of our self made jail!

But you know its there – Unfold your wings, use the key. And free up your self, life and passions!

Its never too late to live what we love and passionate about! Safety is an illusion, that the hamster-sheep society indoctrinates, to control us with fear, that we function in the old, destructive system of fear and war mentality.

The new, decentralised Revolution is here, its your choice.

Your big why – Bucketlists – what do you love to do? – Why are you here? – What is it that you want to give to the world

What is it all about?… Just Life + creation… Just being? Its figuring out what my purpose is for me
And going towards my dreams

Letting go of whats not serving me

And doing every day what brings me and the planet forward.


To love to Do next:

  1. MY OKRS = MIQs + PURPOse

Video and article about My Big Why

Miqs – vision


Purpose passion health and longevity

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