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The Most Life Enriching Questions i ever asked – On my Journey to true meaning

3 simple questions that always bring deep meaning into my life and empower us! Living Daily happiness, Peace, Fulfillment on the way to our goals and passions.

The following, life Changing and eye opening questions are Inspired by the books, podcasts, documentaries and people that have been added Wisdom, knowledge and love into my life.

Thats how i self realised and found my own truth, what i really want in life and how orwhere to find it

1. 3 miqs – my vision

– my project ideas – passions –

My big why

– okrs – next action steps towards my goala

– daily development and growth on the way

Pillars of purpose, passion

happiness keys – essentials

We only find it inside, on the way and in the now… What that means now.

Every great philosopher, teacher, sage, spiritual awakened etc. Delivering the same truth in many different vehicles.

That we’re here for our heart and souls purpose. To truly fulfill our purpose, what results in everyday passion, joy, happiness and peace.

Because i know im on the way of growth and evolution towards my Life Goals and learning what and where i really want to be. With people, who care and love the same things.

Growing and evolving together, towards our dharma, the alchemy of life, understanding the universal extasy of creation, evolution in all its individualisations.

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