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Get Positive Vibes with the most Amazing and Uplifting Things on earth that will blow your Mind

Hey hey wonderful beings!

Hope you´re doing wonderful and successfully focusing good things, positive happenings and try as good as possible to use these times as chance for a transformation into a new paradigm – A sustainable, collective evolution. See, why i have faith in a blossoming future and why im endless positive for our future. Discover aswell everything, that helped me grow, finding real meaning and purpuse aswell as a peaceful inside… 

Enjoy, namaste and i´m excited and glad, to connect together and inspire and evolve for our future planet and humanity – Humans are awesome – You are awesome 

We are the regeneration – generation – Let´s be together the change we want to see in this wonderful world <3

This article should be a gift, as a uplifting collection for positive vibes, sustainable, wonderful inspiration and motivation for the change we and our earth needs

I want to share with you and the world in this article all relevant resources for positive, sustainable and individual change. I know and think it´s incredibly important to know and spread everything that helpes us individualls and collectively, because only that is evolution! If i see at work something or with friends, i always try to grow together and share everything that´s helping each other and myself for a better interbeing

I collected all these amazing solutions and inspiring things, since sustainability and positive change became really important for me, on my first journey to asia. Where i found my passion, and i re-connected to my nature, our nature. I know now, i am the change i want to see in the world, and i love to inspire others and come together for life and thrive! I can not stop anymore, to talk about these amazing things, that happen in the world, because my heart beats for it and i get ideas and motivation the whole time about how i create projects, inspire others and help for the regeneration <3 

It fills me with joy and happiness, to inspire others and connect more and more to beautiful people, places and projects! 

I want to motivate you with this, how easy and wonderful it is to join the global, sustainable movement for a better, regenerative future with amazing people and places – It´s easy, life changing and fullfilling, you will see!

This is how we change the world with a tiny giving act of kindness! I love it so much!

That´s exactly what i mean, with creating ripple effects, by being the individual drop of change <3 

I shows you the power of tiny acts of kindness and giving from small circles into wonderful, massive movements.Take this absolutely amazing example, how tiny acts, started in a small family, fun project and created massive wonderful ripple effects of positive inspiration, happiness and a better world <3 

Over 4.5 Million views already and over 5000 children in 25 schools – SHARING THE DAILY GIVING STORIES!!

–> making a better world – connecting people to each other – making people happy and inspiring positive change

How to Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change the

World | Jacqueline Way | TEDxStanleyPark

We all can do it with the tiniest acts of giving, kindness, love and compassion!

And that´s how i feel this is the perfect start for this article, just came perfectly into my life! Love this wonderful “Synchronizities” 

Just start today and make someone smile – AND SMILE TOGETHER – and the world smiles as a result <3

“Little Things” like that are changing the world!
The 365 give “challenge” –> Blog fo kindness and daily giving stories <3 

The Collection - (soon) click on topic to come to the specific lists - my personal favorites and collections

  1. Resources – Links – Websites
  • Websites with solutionairy inspiration
  • Solution Libraries
  • Positive change Networks 
  • “Drawdown” – Solutions – Projects
  • Solutionairy – Books – Movies – Tedx – Videos
  • Reversing the Damage, Regenerating our ecosystems and relationships

2. Projects – Innovations and Solutions Articles – Videos – 

  • Regeneration projects
  • Innovations, that will give you faith and hope 
  • the most amazing solutions
  • Technologies 
  • Regeneration Reforestation 
  • Urban greening … 
  • farming 
  • carbon sequestion 

3. More Sustainable – Inspiration:


  • FB-Groups – communities
  • Podcasts 
  • Youtube channels – Playlists 
  • Books 
  • Documentaries – Movies 
  • Lectures – Teachings – quotes…


  • Health (social, indiv., global)
  • Eco-logy – sustainableregenerative econimies
  • Personal development –
  • Spiritual evolution
  • Philosophy Antroposophy /pology and more…
  • Steiner – Adler – Jung – new thinking 

A collection of resources with everything i know for positive, sustainable change, social and global health and a regenerative, blossoming future!

Really life changing Resources For Positive Change – Solutions – Innovations – Regeneration Projects – It´s always blowing my mind how amazing humans can be and what amazing things are already possible!

personal development and everything we need to grow and evolve as humanity, by serving all live and mother nature!

Everything that inspired me positive, helped me find my way, grow, connect to where i wanna be (inner and outter world) – blew my mind, gave me and others positive vibes and whats crucial for all life on earth.

Let´s create ripple effects of good, positive vibes – See why im endless positive and faithfully, that we will evolve together – If you also choose so…

Share to give others positive inspiration, because that´s how we actually change the world! Spreading kindness, love and individual solutions. Just Positive vibes for a regenerative future, to create a new story of kindness, giving and sustainable, evolutionairy networking!

Using the “crisis” as chance – and transition into a new paradigm our global metamorphosis

lets create a new story of interbeing and advancement for humanity and all live on earth!

We got all the tools and instruments we need to play the orchestra of a positive change tsunami!

You are the individual – drop in the green wave of change <3

The most important and amazing resources for positive collective change and a new story

  • Most amazing Solutions, innovations, and regeneration projects, 
  • plus communities for the future, phenomenal projects and all the resources we need to thrive
  • Websites, positive change networks, solution libraries
  • Podcasts, Youtube channels and my playlists

Self evolution – Personal development

Because our individual evolution corelates with the global, sustainable evolution

  • solutions and innovations for your individual evolution, growth and health
  • –> List with amazing, positive and wonderful things

  • that will give you hope, faith in humanity and may motivates you to think and do things differently – because you are the change you want to see in the world – we are the regeneration

2. Innovations – Projects – Technologies 
– Get positive inspired – How mushrooms, alges, Hemp, Permaculture, syntropy in life create a new paradigm – for a sustainable evolution and harmony!

2.1 – Resources – Links and little descriptions to:

2.2 – Websites – Solution libraries – positive change networks
2.3 – Regeneration Projects  – 

  • Mind blowing Innovations – new (nano) -Technologies – Regenerative farming etc.
  • Urban greening – carbon sequestion
  • Real renewables, energy solutions and more

3. Resources – Links – Videos – Podcasts

– Videos that chan change your life

Podcasts for personal development – spiritual evolution – Sustainability

– Mindfulness,

– Youtube channels and my playlists with amazing inspiration and motivation!

– Communities and groups (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

–> Connect to positve and wonderful people and places – re -engineer your life to the positive <3

–> Find more inspiration and places where you can go – and do what you really love!

– personal and collective development and regenerative living

Let´s solve humanities hardest challenges – Encouraging and empowering!

– There are endless wonderful things to learn – wonderful people you can connect to

What im reading and listenening to recently


  • Climatea new story – from charles eisenstein –> Super wonderful eloquent way of bringing our bigggest challenges and what we can and shold do into perspective <3
  • Incredible view on the “story of interbeing” he says, we need to create, by coming from a story of seperation – seperation from nature, each other, the damage our species – or others do etc. 
  • (Listen to repeatedly) – The alchemist – the why cafe – 


  • charles eisenstein – a new and ancient story
  • sustainable mind 
  • rebel wisdom 

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