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Enjoy Oganic Health food from the Hungry Spirit Oasis in Lightning ridge

Aloha, Benny here, from The Hungry spirits Health oasis! Here’s a Little introduction to our wonderful organic food forest and freshly picked-for-you Produce, you can purchase from now on. Its not a lot, so you gotta be quick, to get some 🙂

enjoy and have a great day, hope to see you soon.

1. Available produce – A list of the health Food + and life enriching Products i use and Recommend highly.

3. At the end pictures of how your healthy dinner could look tomorrow 🙂 – incredibly tasty, raw and Freshly picked for you!

Amazing Organic Veggies, that We’re Growing in thr ridge and with lots of love in, at the hungry Spirit.

Available Veggies – See whats available TODAY

like Amazing Garden Spreads without nasties or sugar,

Smoothies and Curries in the thai restaurant. And maybe some Medicinal mushrooms and healsome superfoods soon.

Food forestry and permaculture in syntropy” and harmony with nature. Come and have a look, Where your Food and Medicine grows!

Lets connect for health and Happiness

Just Ring me – phone 041 683 0609

– write on facebook in the comments. @ Benny Sauber

(the friendly bearded German, healthy, positively constructively and a empowering Regeneratling 🙂

Options/ Health on demand- Menu:

1. I will freshly pick for you what you want.

-> (Just tell me what and how much + When you want it)

Option 2 – Pre mixed Boxes/Bunches

– im making 1-2 bunches of supergoods – washed and cooled in the fridge for the first, the more people want the more i will make.

3. Awesome, fresh spreads and Super smoothies

– Raw Superpower – NO SUGAR, just Goods! The best spreads for breads, as a Dip or in the Müsli – in my opinion and Friends aswell – Have a try, you’ll be stoked 🙂

Examples of the Raw SuperNaturality:

With cacao, Honey,

  • Beetroot + leaves, zucchini, celery, cacao, (oatMilk) water, coriander, Mint, (Honey if you want)
  • All the above + Nutmix + oats
  • -> Carrots Only if you wish – not many there

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