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Transformational Goal Setting With Mindvalley

Have you heard about the three most important questions, mindvalleys founder swears to be life changing?!

I questioned my past self these and other Big five questions bevore two years and had stunning results in my life!

What do i really want to experience, feel, create?

Clarity and direction from the heart is the key!

Alchemists of divinity 🙂

since then im using the 3 Miqs, big 5, reminding myself on my big whys and having a manifesto or vision mind map.

Here a copy of mindvalleys 3 most important questions to change and redefine your goals and life!

Goal-setting redefined Watch now the trailer ~ 3 miqs

Discover the revolutionary goal-setting methodology that has captured the minds of millions of people and thousands of companies around the world – and why asking yourself the 3 Most Important Questions may just launch you towards a life you only previously dreamt about.

Top 3 tips on manifesting wealth, love, and abundance

Embrace abundance effortlessly Book author

Join Vishen and Danette May on this episode about simple steps to attracting your soul contract partner in this lifetime, abundance, how to live out your passion, and effective communication tools anyone can use to avoid walls building up in any relationship.   

Mindvalley podcast

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