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Truly mindblowing and life-changing Videos – Jim Carrey -Jordan Peterson

  • Jim Carrey and jordan Peterson carry Some of the Greatest eye opening wisdom, about the meaning of life and Who we Truly are!
  • If youre actually interested in what youre doing, You are Living…

Thought and reactions are responsible for suffering – choose to become aware and everything will change <3

Benjy and Jimmy <3

MEANING OF LIFE – Jim Carrey Motivational Video

  • This is truly incredible!! Eye opening!

I suddenly realised, how thought is responsible for nearly all suffering we experience…

–> i was suddenly looking at these thoughts from another perspective

_–> and i asked myself, who is it, that is aware of these thoughts…

–> so why not letting the thoughts go with love and create the ones that serve me?

–> I saw that i was bigger than the body, the thoughts and what i do or did

—> i am not a fragment of the universe, I am the universe!!

–> I make a conscious choice, to see challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn.

–> Love or fear?

Choose love and never let fear stop you from Living why you are here for!

  • Everything is abstract structures, created by our minds – what is not bad, but we need to use it, not being used.
  • Bliss comes on waves – allow the night, to love the light.
  • The Effect you have on others is the most valuable currency,
  • What stays is the love and energy we leave on this planet<3

— > wE are all one thing

–> one YOU

Oceans, trees, insects, animals, Rocks… Dust.


  • Turn off your phone, do what makes you forget it,
  • Nature, meditations, Passion, hobbies
  • Action for life and Nature

Everything is divine – you are creation – LOVE

–> everything is God, life, source, spirit – Godliness… Energy of creation! <3

Buddha, chris, jesus, martha, –> we are all the same and all religions talk about the same truth, the larger whole –> with different language and Intentions, fear and confusion …

THE TRUTH – One of the Greatest Speeches Ever | Jordan Peterson Motivation

Life changing inspiration!!

Burning the unworthy old stuff away, to become who we truly are!

THE TRUTH – One of the Greatest Speeches Ever | Jordan Peterson Motivation

  • Jordan Peterson shares life’s greatest wisdom on how to become a truthful human. In an Eye-Opening video, Jordan Peterson talks about truth, lies and humanity.

From <>

Jim Carrey – How To Manifest What You really Want

–> by choosing to be love or hated, but being really you! <3

“When you create yourself, to make it – take a chance on being loved or hated on who you really are

–> or you have to kill who you really are and go to the grave, by never having lived…

jim carrey <3
  •  if you dont do what you love and you fail, it hurts most
  • So why not doing what you love, so there is no failure, because the way is the goal?!
  • There is really no choice to be made! –> do what you love and become the version that you wanna be!
  • Dont choose your part out of fear –>

LIFE happens for you not to you!

Jim Carrey’s Eye Opening Speech – Best MOTIVATION EVER 2021

Thats the only thing thats important, We’re Part of a larger self!

  • A new way on the other side of that door
  • –> a ocean of new possibilities
  • Fear is a player in your life –
  • Worry or choose to focus decisions now
  • Love or fear?!
  • So many fo us

How will you serve the world – what will life need, that you can serve?

  • Risk beeing seen in all of your glory!

Finding your sense of completion <3

–> letting the universe know what you want – Working towards that

  • Open the door, calling the possibilities
  • There are always doors opening
  • Not Hope BUT FAITH
  • –> hope walks through the fire, Fatih leaps over it

Our intention is everything

–> you are here

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