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Watch “Embodying Gaias wingmans and earth Guardians! 🌎 pro planet action wherever you are” on YouTube

we can be mother earths wingmans, guardians and gardeners wherever we are!

we all got individual gifts, stories for healing, wisdom and evolution to share.

its time to thrive earth family!

what solutions do you want to be part of?

what problem in the world hurts your heart deeply?
~》 comment and i might have a resource or a video or a link with solutions, where you can connect to and learn or take action.

for me the most powerful game changing actions have been:

~ volunteering on organic and permaculture farms,
~ woofing on yoga/Eco communities and learning dozens of things of what im interested and excited about.

its on each of us to go where we feel right and take baby steps towards purpose, meaningful living, health and fulfillment

much love, benjy syntropy !

lets connect
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BE Your change and evolution happens magickally!

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