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Kiss the ground – resources for Restoring our earth

Healing our planet is actually easy! See how we do it already, through regenerative farming and lifestyle choices. Regenerative farming is the future… Otherwise there is no future…

What actions can we do, to support regenerative systems, NOW?


Do you think we can reverse climate change and a global crisis?!

Do you want to know how?

Kiss the ground resources and videos – education

Its not paper straws and reducing plastic, nor driving our car less…

We can drive our cars, when we get our food produced from regenerative sources!

The biggest solutions to “draw-down” carbon into the soil, instead of loosing it with old, industrial agriculture, to feed caddle in feed lots.

Yes it is possible!

Discover the Kiss the ground video library

Creating ecosystems and life!

Most profound movie, that shows us that it is possible and essential to switch our daily actions.

> it is about loving our earth

Regenerative diet and restorative systwms and solutions.

Our mission is simple

We must harness and support the regenerative power of our plants.

I’m chooaing regenerative diet and lifestyle, wherever i can.

Together we can regenerate our planet and soil

Lets come together and becoming the solution.

  • Choosing the solutions not the illusions
  • No more chemical and monocropping

Vandanda shiva – permaculture and traditional indian farming

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