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How to leave Negativity no need for suffering anymore – keys of self reflection and positive creation

Simply paying attention to breath or the sound, taste, emotions, whatever you feel. Here are the three pillars of mindful attention, to enhance all areas of our lifes!

So wonderful,

Focus the good. Try focused exercises and meditation tech iques. Yoga, wim hof, soma breathing.

Meditation can be all that involves breathing and letting go of thoughts.

No self no problem – stepping back

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Meditation can help you to attain a more calm and relaxed sense of self.

Our sense of self is the “I” with which we experience the world, and it’s what we believe makes us who we are. Unfortunately, it also leads to some of our greatest feelings of suffering.

We suffer, for example, whenever we take things personally, or crave approval or affirmation from others.

But when we let go of this strong sense of self and immerse ourselves in the world without ego, we feel a sense of peace and fulfillment.

For example, when we don’t internalize approval or rely on approval for our own benefit, we lead happier lives.

In fact, both Buddhist monks and death-row inmates achieve peace by relinquishing the “I,” adopting instead the mantra: “No self, no problem.”

However, a strong sense of self often comes in useful, and – through meditation – we can learn when to take things personally and when to step back from ourselves. Also, a sense of self helps us to maintain continuity in our experiences from one day to the next, and to distinguish ourselves from other people.

But sometimes our sense of self grows beyond our control, which leads to suffering.

This happens, for example, whenever we identify with things, such as “This is my laptop,” or “I am this belief.” But because everything in the world ultimately comes to an end, our over-identification with things means that eventually we experience loss and, subsequently, suffering.

In other words, by identifying with things we make their fate our own. Therefore it’s best not to rely on our sense of self unless we really have to.

Luckily, meditation can help us to choose when we should and shouldn’t exercise our sense of self.

For instance, in meditation we can reflect on things without using personal pronouns. So, instead of “I am thinking of birds,” you could think, “thoughts of birds are arising.”

Now that you’ve learned how to defeat suffering in favor of happiness and wisdom, how do we foster love instead of hate? The following blinks will explain.

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