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“What is the Ego? ~ Spirit Science 48” Video Review

Aloha wonder,

What do you think, if you hear the word ego? Interesting wah?

Many concepts, many thoughts, many feelings, emotions and…

What is self, what is ego?

Discover here a short Video about your ego – our Ego – Letting go…

Spirit science on youtube

Here my thoughts, feelings, learnings to the ego, self, mind, life, letting go…

Every being has an impermanent self
There is No permanent being, soul, self…

At the same time everything is one, forever and endless connected and ever expanding

Creation… Love, universe, “goddess” Divine Soul…

The real self, liberation from suffering.

I guess the divine self, ananda – is all “selves”… but in this physical dimension, the illusion it’s “separated” for the most.

Oneness with creation, universe, ego-death

Reaching “Enlightenment” by disidentifying and unconditional love for everything + letting go

-> using the ego – mind – love with conscious AWARENESS

  • not being used by it

We can harmonise energies, mood, and molecules – We turn a banana into cells and a part of us ?☀️

So my kinda conclusion:
Using the mind, accepting all aspects of it, and using consciousness to be in light and love, by using it.

A representation or a part of the transcendent reality – brahman – always changing creation – life ?☀️?


Whats ego, do we need to fight or friendship it, letting go like a old friends maybe – we identify as individuals, physically

  • but we are one in the core and atomic subatomic, energy level

Book: the undiscovered self

Keys of becoming more Mindful and Master of ego and conditioning

Step by step guide – found on books in action

“paying attention – on purpose, in the present moment, nonjudgmentally.” Now, stop for a moment and interpret each part of this definition. Paying attention … on purpose … in the present moment … nonjudgmentally.

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