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Shungite stones for Water purification and harmonisation

How and why i use Shungite Stones for water, bees and garden… They are one of the most natural And simplest solutions for health, water, Emf protection, Bee-Keeping and even Garden and plant growth enhancement!

Totally natural, easy, free ecologically and Remarkably with its fullerene Carbon structure. I think unique in nature with incredible benefits for your home, health planet and our bees.

If bees increase populations with shungites and loving it, we should really listen to them i think!

Shungite beehive powder and nugget

Bees love shungites, they increase honey production, Bee populations rise remarkably (from 50k to 500Million in weeks) and its harmonising EMF WAVES, Wifi, radiation and its proven to detox body, environment and air.

Aloha, benny here, the green thumbed Regeneratling and eco Solutionist. Here im sharing quick, how to make shungite water, why i use this carbon Superstones and where to get them best. Lots of love and health to you in these times.


How to make Elite Shungite Water:
Carefully wash elite shungite stones before using them to get rid of any dust and dirt. In order to prepare elite shungite water use 100 grams of elite stones per one liter of water. Infuse for 2-3 days and drink it fresh. Change or recharge elite shungite stones in the sunlight once in 3 months.

How to make Regular Shungite Water:
Carefully wash stones under the running water before usage in order to get rid of postindustrial dust and dirt. Put around 170-200 grams of regular shungite per one liter of water. Leave the stones in a jar for two or three days and drink it fresh by adding more water to the jar as you drink it. Change or recharge shungite stones in the sunlight once in 3 months.

Full list of benefits and links to the karelian heritage

Shungite products have proven to:
· Be an effective shield from EMF so widespread today due to electronic devices
· Activate internal self-regulation mechanisms of the human body
· Relieve stress and tension of a person
· Relieve the sense of fatigue
· Relieve headaches
· Ensure psychological rehabilitation of the person
· Restore the metabolism functions
· Improve the condition of people with hypertensive disorders and emotionally labile impairments
· Normalize blood pressure and the cardiovascular system
· Improve sleep
· Relieve anxiety and hyper excitability, as well as stops unusual emotional reactions
· Increase overall tonus and body resistance rise
· Be an effective additional therapy for diseases of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract
· Help to cope with mood swings, depression, anxiety, and stress

Look for further information about shungite on the pages of our store. Do not hesitate to ask your questions. We are here to help you choose the best products for you.

Please beware of other stones being sold as if they were shungite. Buy directly from The Republic of Karelia where the only one deposit of genuine shungite is located.
All the parcels are properly packed ensuring the safety of your product.
Please feel free to contact us if needed, we are here to help you with your purchase and to answer your questions!

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