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Why i Love These Amazing Online courses From GE AND COMMUNITIES FOR FUTURE

Here my favorite online courses, for regenerative and personal development, self evolution and Education for community design for Future and Sustainable development. (what i think will evolve into regenerative life and economy goals and design)

The time to act is now, for personal and global change. Lets be the change we want – the love, the kindness, the smile

The regeneration – How can i be positive change?

Quick list – description after (or by clicking on it)

1. Gen introduction course

2. Regenerative ecovillage Design

3. Communities for future 2020 online summit with the worlds most uplifting and empowering Change maker, conversations, authors, entrepreneurs…

4. Charles eisenstein – new and ancient story Community

5. Age of union – igniting the changemaker – ebook, free audiobook, – empowering, compelling guide and action initiation.


Sustainable and conscious living

Regenerate yourself – sayher ji – gree

My favorite, most wonderful Courses and networks for positive individual evolution and global community engagement for regenerative action and climate change Changemakers.


+ To get the Idea and regenerative design

+ how to start, build, find community

+ regenerative principles and examples of ecovillages.

See the screenshots for more x3

The Power of Community: Climate Change & Consciousness was a free, online experience hosted by the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). From the 1 to 10 February 2019  unlocked 3 interviews per day with well-known thought leaders, change-makers, indigenous elders, community lovers and youth activists from around the planet.

The Summit was aimed at those who:

  • are seeking inspiration and hope for the future-facing today’s climate crisis.
  • want to join others in right action by creating hubs of consciousness worldwide.
  • want to reduce your carbon footprint while connecting with thought leaders worldwide.
  • have a busy schedule and limited extra time.
  • believe in the power of community, but you don’t really know where to start building or you want more tools to connect more deeply.
  • sense at a deep level that solutions are urgently needed to regenerate our planet.
  • want to join an established network of living laboratories catalysing multidimensional sustainability today.

Together, we engaged in finding our authentic response to the Climate Emergency, a response that is not driven by urgency, fear, panic and hurry, but comes from a deep sense of connectedness, love and responsibility.

Let’s build Communities for Future. Let’s find our response to the Climate Emergency.

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