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Why is Late Eating is Bad for You? | Human Longevity video

Why i say eating bevore bed is not good… maybe you listen to a professional and sadhguru more than to my humble experiences and lesrnings…

im waking up stiff and heavvy when im eating later than 5, on the other hand, when im eating my last meal around 3~5pm im super easily flying out of my bed at 5am like a feather. Wxcited and enthusiastic, fresh and deep rested, becauze my body didnt take all the energy to digest and store all the sugars and fats away in the body ~~》 also carcinogenic, to eat late sugars, carbs etc…

Not burning the carbohydrates, sugars, fats…

They get in a sense stored aways in joingts
The cardiovascular system etc.

~》 thats why having a walk or yoga or stretch & workout bevore bed is good, to not dump all the slurry all over our wonderful vehicles!

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