Arc of real evolution

How my life changed, the day I started conscious desicions and mastering my thinking

Words from my own evolution and growth +books, teachers and motivational inspiration videos

Achieving a feeling of completion – happiness is the way – and real success is happiness

Real happiness is not found outside – its a state of mind – do what feels good. Deweed your life from negative energy killer – there is never ending space for positive people and abundance.

Don’t ever dimm your light for others – surround yourself with positive lights, to empower and motivate together.

How I started creating a force and attitude of gratitude and positivity

Gratefulness for all we have, not what’s bad – that’s serving us and our way to our goals and true happiness. In the moment.

Working towards to the craziest, most abundant life – visualising our goals and the emotions

Does this make you happy, or leads to happiness in the long term?

Gratitude journal (dankbarkeits Tagebuch)

What are Unconscious thoughts? And why I am endless blessed, to be more and more aware and conscious of all my thoughts.

(Re)-Actions and emotions that happen just…

– desicions – emotions are coming always and automatically as a product of our environment, friends, family, education, media… I just choose now to allow them, watch, but then let go and change, what’s not serving me and my relationship to others and life on earth.

The results are to wonderful, that im still stunning and grateful everyday, about the “miracles” that happen for me in this life I create, by the words and thoughts I choose to create!

Conscious desicions making and identity development:

– That result out of my choice of thought creation and how I change the output, by thinking first consciously about the thoughts that the brain and ego creates. Bevore acting.

It’s phenomenal, how fast we can master our life, by taking care of our thoughts and reactions into pro-active thinking and acting with our selves first and then the people around.

No more worrying or reacting with anger, fear and sadness…

Resources that helped me

Here some inspiring and profound ideas, words, resources and teachers, that helped me endlessly on my journey (English and German (Deutsch)

My YouTube playlist – most amazing motivation +inspirational wisdom

  1. With – Abraham hicks –
  2. Tony Robbins – Dr. Wayne dyer – Sadhguru, dispenza, Alan watts…
  1. Eckhart tolle – power of now (jetzt) + a new earth + Realisation des seins (Realisation of being)
  2. Alan watts – Youtube
  3. Deepak Chopra – 7 laws of of success +
  4. + Feuer im Herzen (fire in the heart)
  5. Sadhguru – inner engineering (Weisheit eines yogi)
  6. Dr Joe dispenza – breaking the habit of being yourself (werde übernatürlich)
  7. + you are the placebo
  8. The alchemist
  9. Four agreements

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