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Why Our “Tidy” Lawns Are Bad for the Earth, soil, insects and How to Grow Them for the Better

Hey earth Fam, benjy here. Short about Garden lawn myths, the english history of killing it and what real healthy lawns are… lush, green, alive! Also some in depth articles which hopefully inspire you to rethink towards advicing your gardeners to cut 7~10 cm instead of low and kill most of the grass 🙂

Short intro:

Today seeing the neighbours gardeners again, cutting the grass down to the brown. Until the brown grass is finally dead and the soil is spilling…

im feeling like a “hippie greenie” when i talk about how much it hurts me to see gardeners or commercials cutting deadly and spraying… JUST FOR “HAVING THE JOB DONE, MATE”
“Has to be tidy and clean” … i say: Thats DEAD! And permaculture institutes, regenerative gardeners, scientists and landcare experts agree! Do you to?

In Short

~ leave the lawn and at least 3~5 inches (7~10cm) NOT DEAD TO THE SOIL! 🙂

Hey, applause to you, thanks so much earth guardians for thinking about soil, earth and a healthy lawn !

In depth article about english, dead lawns and the story behind ~ By the permaculture institute


~》•see Why tidy lawns are dead lawns, soil, earth is dying with our common (english) gardens… the ideal healthy length of grass should be 7~10 cm…


For me a healthy lawn is full of native grasses, flowers etc… ah yes we got conditioned to call the superfoods weeds 😉

Benefits of long grass (prefferably diverse natives)

  • Creating shade for soil.
  • Grass shades out unwanted weeds
  • Moisture gets stored better
  • Healthy soil life
  • Insects,
  • Temperature down
  • No soil errosion
  • No inputs needed…

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Let restorative weeds, pioneers, flowers, and stuff grow, just Cutting a lawn down to 7~10 cm as pathway or seating area to do stuff ~》 3~5 inches (7~10cm ) is ideal as healthy grass.

BACK TO PERMACULTURE SYNTROPIC SYSTEMS AND FORESTS WE HAVE TO GO if we want to thrive, have food sovereignty, healthy cool, fruitful environment.

Growing an eco lawn ~ wild, native insect Heaven

Transform your lawn into a healthy oasis

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