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Benefits of Regenerative Farming Methods are saving our planet – if we all support it actively

This is about how we regenerate The Damage, that Humanities “Wars” against everything did, and simply how we safe This wonderful world we live on!

Learn about Syntropy and the surprising ways permaculture and regenerative Food forests can save our failing food systems and also regenerate human society. We need to transform industrial agriculture towards regenerative – We are the solution to shift to a blossoming paradigm and a living, evolving future and humanity!

Biggest climate carbon emmission (Ghg) coming from the soil.

… Industrial agriculture – I call it “War-Griculture”… Fossil fuels and Coal are secondary.

  • Digital Syntropy – emerging Blockchain solutions, for decentralised Information and governance!
  • Syntropy in education and economies – working with regenerative, abundant Mindset
  • Syntropy in Regenerative Farming and Food Production – Creating abundance for all life on Earth!

Did you know?!

Most of the world’s surface is now barren, because of industrial farming. Barren means, ripped off and dying into the atmosphere! – WE need Plants growing, then we solve and regenerate our biggest problem.

Capturing stable carbon in the ground, plants and roots – Through Regenerative Farming, forests and Innovative Solutions. Simply working with nature and enhancing life and Biodiversity!

The biggest carbon sucking machines are Plants – trees and Soil!

We know the solutions, we only need to direct funding and support farmers and people who want to create meaningful abundance, biodiversity and regenerative systems.

The more we push nature away, separate and try to control… The more the war Mentality went on in industrial war Agriculture, the more sick people and food happens… Happened?… Became?! Your choice, with your consumption.

Articles – Saved on One note aswell

The co-owner of Ridgedale Permaculture on the surprising ways permaculture can save failing food systems & regenerate human society.

The Soil, the earth and our Plates are The solution

The Biggest solution is regenerative agriculture and “syntropic” agroforestry. (creating food forests with a abundance of healthy, vibrant plants and life giving, rejuvenating food. Abundance for farmers, healthy soils, drought and disease resilient and more…

(see here, videos and articles about food forestry – syntropy)


Using pesticides, herbicides and fungicides (‘cides). This strips the soil of all good and bad microorganisms and insects. Residue is left to leach into our waterways and also contaminates our food.

all of the above contributes to creating stressed and lifeless ground. The most limiting factor in Australia is compaction. Once the ground is compacted no moisture can soak in (infiltration) therefore no plants can grow. When it rains the water simply runs off, leaching the topsoil and chemicals straight into our waterways and out to sea. This kills aquatic life and increases algae, helping to upset the equilibrium of ecosystems. Once the topsoil has disappeared it leaves our land baron, dry, compacted and hot.

Nothing can grow without Soil Organic Matter (SOM) and soil biology, that is the way nature intended it. Without soil biology, photosynthesising plants can’t survive.

The knock on effect to this is that we cannot produce food! We are at critical point. Something has to change and it has to change immediately.

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