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Why You Should Grow Food Not Lawns

“If we want peace, we have to be peaceful. If we want to live in paradise, we have to grow it, now.”

~ the root of the problem: namely, how to live on the earth in peace and regenerative perpetuity. …and our own behavior is at the root of any social or environmental change.

I see this work as evolution, not revolution, and as the ultimate adventure: a fantastic way to simultaneously enjoy life on this earth and improve it for future generations.

From Food not lawns


This is Speaking from my heart… as soon as we realise the roots of the major problems and diseases are our daily choices, food and how we care for our inner and outter gardens. we realise the solution is simply caring for health, diverse symbiosis and peace in our own gardens and environment…

How Roob Greenfield transformed his lawn into a food forest

By putting our hands in the soil, we gain access to the wisdom of the earth, and by putting our heads together we learn how to use that knowledge for the benefit of all. 

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