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See what inspires, moves and motivates me today. From amazing online courses, to global ecovillages,.

Regenerative action and books of wisdom.

Enjoy wonder, lets be the change we will see in this wonderful world.

At the end little words of love, what peace and harmony feels to me…


What is peace for you – how will we achieve it?

If 10% of us being peaceful inside (meditate)
The world would life in peace – beatles brought meditation from india ☯️☀️??


Wonderful heart warming film.

Here a link to amazing online events, free courses for inner peace… Regeneration…

  • for positive change – inspiration
    And peaceful regeneration action
  • education


ecovillage – the global ecovillage network & partners


heartfulness #peaceMovement – worldInPeace

Peace for me:

Peace is love in interconnectedness
We are all part of this wonderful ecosystem

Is harmony
Is oneness
Is forgiving
Is seeing everyone and everything with the lenses of love

As part of me

We are all drops in this vast ocean,
Feeling sometimes separated in some waves, rivers or mountains…

But in the end – there is no end –

There is just us, everything

The creation, universal love, peace and harmony in its perfect imperfection ?☀️?☯️

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