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Positive Change Talks and eye opening Inspiration

Aloha wonder!

Here just a few of the amazing news and ted talks, to inspire and show you how amazing humans can be and that you.can support the solution by directing your money from bad destructive, to amazingly positive and sustainable.

Learn about large scale, vertical indoor farming, solving our biggest problems and regenerating our planets sensitive biodiversity.

Endless amazing things! Now its on you and me, to be the change and take the power from the old, destructive systems. I love it!

Share it with your friends and start conversations, if you love it too.

Thats what we need – large scale positive change, for our global, sustainable evolution!

The tsunami of positive change begins with single drops…


TED Talks what made me happy and hopefull/er, that i instantly needed to share it!

Enjoy and much love to you!

Are indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture? Stuart Oda:


An amazing and already happening opportunity to save our oceans and empower island states and marine life!

Restoring important coral reefs and fishing zones!
Empowering local economies and helping Gouvernements to raise funds.

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The most life changing and eye opening Movies, Documentaries, Youtube Videos

For positive change in our selves and globally <3 

  • Top Life changing movies, that blew my mind and really showing us the truth about the biggest threats and pollution
  • What we need to do, to save our planet… To save our self, our children and…
  • this phenomenal ecosystem and mother Earth, who gave us everything…


What do we need for our global transition to a sustainable evolution? 

What are the biggest issues? The biggest destruction and harm to us and our planet? 

How can we create a future for all? A blossoming, global metamorphosis? 

Is it possible and What can i do as individual? 


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