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empowering things i send to friends, my Friends ;) letsgrowTogether

A collection of a few things, I’ve sent to friends, my friends. 🙂 ubuntu – my wellbeing is yours. Enjoy,

Namaste, empowerment on, your Solutionist Benny.

We are one, but not the same, but family,

but drops in the waves,

Of the vast ocean of love

Benjo Inspirit?☀️?:

1. Training the subconscious whatever we want to be + unlearning consitions

Once we can observe our reactions, habits and programs, we can start becoming ☀️

[23.12.2020, 23:21] Benjo Inspirit?☀️?

Do this 5 minutes bevore you sleep!

[24.12.2020, 15:38] Benjo Inspirit?☀️?

Lightworkers handbook by kryon – must be wonderfully awesome, people say

[28.12.2020 Benjo Inspirit?☀️?:

Podcast Show – incredibly wonderful!

Michael Gelb On How To Make Your Work A Place Of Healing

S. P. I. R. E

[29.12.2020, 16:34] Benjo Inspirit?☀️?: When you feel whole – you begin to heal
When you feel empowered – you gonna be successfull
When you in love you gonna be successfull

When youre in awe and passion – mystical

When youre in gratitude – YOUR JOB is on the way

If you feel emotionally connected to your future best version
You play the alchemy of life,
By aligning with a clear intention and resonating with an elevated emotion

With an open heart

From living in past

To becoming the possible future self

Feel it
Become it

Teaching body and brain the Future potential

There are aendless infinite you’s

Select which one you wanna live ???☯️☀️

[6.1., 12:42] Benjo Inspirit?☀️?:

Spotify Song for you

I Am the Light of the Soul von Gurudas Kaur

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