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Yes, We can Create a Wonderful future – Most wonderful short Videos from Our planet

We win the Global Revolution – We are the massive regeneration! Backed by science and all the changes we see <3 Get hope and share these wonderful movies and things.

Awesome Prasentation about the rapid and phenomenal rise of renewable energies. We are solving the problems and even faster, than we thought! Al gore is awesome, Lets be optimistic together, Lets grow and regenerate together <3

Most wonderful short video i find, on the Our Planet website

Article with Amazing Movies i collected in a Article:

  • Life on earth – our planet
  • 2040 – the regeneration
  • Kiss the ground, The need to grow
  • Tomorrow, Chasing coral,

Regenerative agriculture – Where farmers grow always, More and pesticide free

  • Increasing life of the soil, Health,
  • producing more,
  • Animals, insects, birds, bees, butterflies come back
  • –> creating a living circle
  • Earning more Money, more income and regenerating health of the planet
  • and no more pesticides and cancer, dementia etc, in and around the farm, family etc,

Creating abundance in all areas, by just building with nature –

urban greening – spaces for healing and inspiration – people come together and see <3

community building and going from the I story to the We unity

  • what can i do

Looking what we can do to cut down – NOT BUYING TRASH

  • changing our energy and all we consume to green, regenerative, with the ability to sustain <3
  • getting connected to our food – growing produces gratitude
  • gratitude is the source of conservation – regeneration <3
  • unity – Love to our planet, the food, the water and the nature that WE are part of <3
  • We are all in charge, So wonderful

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